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Today’s Date: December 19th, 2010

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What a year we've had! There has been plenty of market volatility to keep us all interested. The January crash knocked -100 points off the S&P but the February rally added +170 points to a high of 1217. The Flash Crash knocked nearly -1,000 points off the Dow in only 20 minutes and caused six months of investor flight before the Fed came to the rescue.

On August 27th the Fed hinted it was going to implement a new round of Quantitative Easing in November and a new bull market was born. The Dow added +1500 points between August 27th and November 5th in anticipation of that QE2 program. Debt worries from Europe overshadowed the initial implementation and the November market was a disappointment. However, those worries have faded and investors are rushing back into the market to capitalize on the economic recovery in 2011.

On December 2nd Goldman Sachs told clients:

"The U.S. is on the verge of a VERY strong recovery." They are predicting gold at $1,750 in 2011 and oil prices will average $110. Goldman is also predicting a +23% gain in the S&P in 2011 to end the year at 1,450.

If Goldman Sachs is right, and they usually are, 2011 is going to be a very strong year for option traders. I am sure you will want to be a part of this new bull market and capture thousands of dollars in profits as the market moves higher.

On Thanksgiving weekend 1997 I launched the Option Investor Newsletter. In the last 13 years it has been a labor of love and a trial by fire. We had the Russian debt default, Y2K, the bursting of the tech bubble, 9/11 and the Great Recession. We have written thousands of market wraps, thousand of educational articles and tens of thousands of option plays. Every article written since Oct-1998 is still on the website for you history buffs. Many of our first subscribers in 1997-1998 are still with us today!

Please accept my most heartfelt "Thank You" for your membership in our Option Investor community.   Everyone at Option Investor couldn’t do what we do without your loyalty, support and feedback. 

To show our appreciation I’m pleased to offer you our Eleventh Annual End-of-Year Renewal Special.  Yes, we found out after two years in the business that collecting monthly payments from thousands of readers and dealing with monthly credit card expiration dates and daily changes in dozens of card numbers that it was easier to process subscriptions once a year and then forget it.

Because of the time savings and reduction in hassle on our end we were able to provide a newsletter package to our faithful readers at a deeply discounted rate. Readers thought it was a great idea as well and nearly 35% of our subscribers take advantage of this annual promotion.

You may have noticed since we reformatted the website back in January 2009 that there is absolutely ZERO advertising for products other than our own Option Investor products. There are no annoying popups, no text ads in the articles and absolutely no spam of any form. We have not sent one single email advertisement and we don't rent or sell our mailing list. Our only source of revenue is your subscriptions and we can't thank you enough for your support.

The Year End Renewal Specials provide our core newsletter products at absolutely the BEST PRICE AVAILABLE to our most valued subscribers.  No one gets a better deal! 

I could spend thousands of dollars and have some hot shot marketing guru come up with a flashy marketing campaign for the End of Year special but I am not going to do it. If you are not convinced that our newsletter products are worth every penny of the deeply discounted price then a flashy marketing campaign will not help. It may convince a few readers to act but I believe our faithful supporters know what they want and don't need to be tricked into clicking submit on some cleverly worded advertisement. So please accept this low tech invitation to our 11th End of Year Renewal Special.

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Top Ten List of ETF Recommendations for 2011.

By: Jim Brown

There are currently more than 4,000 ETFs, ETNs, SPDRs and other exchange traded products covering every sector, investing style and country. For most investors this is a daunting amount of data to pour through and decide which ETF product is right for you. These ETFs can give you unprecedented flexibility in your personal trades. They allow you to be broadly diversified or to be pinpoint specific in your choice of trading vehicles.

I have put together a list of my top ten ETF recommendations for 2011 and I explain why each one should prosper in the coming year. No stone has been left unturned in his search for the top ten choices. Sector funds, country funds, bull and bear funds and commodity funds were all researched to provide readers with a tremendous opportunity to profit in 2011. Don't pass up this list of ETF recommendations.

Top Ten Stocks Under $10

by Jim Brown

In a new bull market the stocks with the highest returns are normally the small caps. Money managers know this and when the time is right they shift out of the highly liquid large caps like Google, MMM and GE in favor of small cap stocks where their investing dollar goes further. A $10 gain on a $10 stock is a 100% return but even a $30 gain on a $300 stock is only a 10% return. Fund managers live for increasing their returns. This is how they are graded at year-end and their bonuses depend on it.

Many readers are option traders because they don't have the account size to trade hundreds of shares in a stock like Apple, Priceline or IBM. They would like the benefits of stock ownership but don't have the funds to really participate.

Investors just getting started in the market and building their retirement IRAs are limited by the amount of money they can invest because of contribution limits in those IRAs. At the same time many brokers will not let new investors trade options in an IRA because they are perceived to be more risky than stocks. They need an inexpensive stock with good potential that is cheap enough to own several hundred shares without breaking the bank.

Investors want the returns achieved by fund managers and their billions in investments but they need to do it on an investor's budget. The only way to do this in an IRA is with a low priced stock with the potential for rapid appreciation.

I have put together my Top Ten Stocks Under $10 to capitalize on this need. The list covers multiple sectors and includes some commodity plays. With China growing at better than a 10% rate and the U.S. dollar shrinking under the Fed's QE2 assault we need to focus on stocks that will benefit from the new investing rules.

Simply buying a stock under $10 will not guarantee you a triple digit return. You need to buy the right stocks for the right reasons. The price is the least important reason because some stocks are cheap because they should be cheap. Their future is cloudy and management could be clueless.

I have reviewed hundreds of stocks under $10 and produced a list that I believe will be double digit winners in 2011. Don't miss out on these recommendations. There are plenty of cheap stocks but only a few diamonds in the rough

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For more than a year I have been profiling plays for readers in our premium OilSlick.com newsletter covering energy news, energy stocks and trades based on events in the energy sector. Even after the big decline in energy prices in May of more than 25% and the impact to the sector from the BP oil spill our readers have posted some serious profits.

Since January OilSlick readers have had the opportunity to capture more than $100,000 in profitable trades. This in a market that was severely depressed for more than half the year. Our current positions are up more than $50,000. Trades profiled include stocks, options and futures.

Check this link for a recap of all of the closed positions in 2010.

You know this is my passion. I am a firm believer in peak oil and I believe it is the greatest investment opportunity in our lifetime. The newsletter highlights daily articles and relevant news in the energy sector. Not every canned news item that appears in print but key news events that have a bearing on future energy prices. There is daily commentary regarding these events and how they will affect our trades.

All you need is one profitable trade to make back your entire investment and put you in the clear for a years worth of insight into the energy sector.  I guarantee you there will be plenty of profitable trades and some will be whoppers!

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