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Today’s Date: November 29, 2009

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Dear Subscriber,

On Thanksgiving weekend 1997 I launched the Option Investor Newsletter. In the last 12 years it has been a labor of love and a trial by fire. We had the Russian debt default, Y2K, the bursting of the tech bubble, 9/11 and the Great Recession. We have written thousands of market wraps, thousand of educational articles and tens of thousands of option plays. Every article written since Oct-1998 is still on the website for you history buffs. Many of our first subscribers in 1997-1998 are still with us today!

Please accept my most heartfelt "Thank You" for your membership in our Option Investor community.   Everyone at Option Investor couldn’t do what we do without your loyalty, support and feedback. 

What a year we’ve had!  There has been plenty of market volatility to keep us all interested.  The year ahead promises more of the same. Hopefully the Great Recession is over and we can go back to normal trading or whatever will take its place.

To show our appreciation I’m pleased to offer you our Tenth Annual End-of-Year Renewal Special.  Yes, we found out after two years in the business that collecting monthly payments from thousands of readers and dealing with monthly credit card expiration dates and daily changes in dozens of card numbers that it was easier to process subscriptions once a year and then forget it.

Because of the time savings and reduction in hassle on our end we were able to provide a newsletter package to our faithful readers at a deeply discounted rate. Readers thought it was a great idea as well and nearly 35% of our subscribers take advantage of this annual promotion.

You may have noticed since we reformatted the website back in January that there is absolutely ZERO advertising for products other than our own Option Investor products. There are no popups, no text ads in the articles and absolutely no spam of any form. We have not sent one single email advertisement and we don't rent or sell our mailing list. Our only source of revenue is your subscriptions and we can't thank you enough for your support.

The Year End Renewal Specials provide our core newsletter products at absolutely the BEST PRICE AVAILABLE to our most valued subscribers.  No one gets a better deal! 

I could spend thousands of dollars and have some hot shot marketing guru come up with a flashy marketing campaign for the End of Year special but I am not going to do it. If you are not convinced that our newsletter products are worth every penny of the deeply discounted price then a flashy marketing campaign will not help. It may convince a few readers to act but I believe our faithful supporters know what they want and don't need to be tricked into clicking submit on some cleverly worded advertisement. So please accept this low tech invitation to our Tenth End of Year Renewal Special.

Four Ways to Save in 2010

2010 promises to be the most exciting and opportunity-packed year we’ve seen in a long time as the country rebounds out of the Great Recession.  Make sure you’re poised to take advantage of world-class trading advice and analysis with Option Investor. Choose one of the following packages and count your savings.

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Two Option Investor Mouse Pads


Yes, because of the proliferation of optionable ETFs and $1 strikes on many stocks the Option Industry Council (OIC) is mandating a complete symbol change in 2010. The symbol table on the bottom of the mouse pad will be replaced with the new option symbol structure. You will need to know this starting in March of 2010.

This custom mouse pad calendar features --

  • Equity Option Expiration Dates
  • Currency Option Expiration Dates
  • Exchange Holidays
  • Bank Holidays
  • FOMC Meetings
  • Crude Futures Expiration Dates
  • Strike Price Codes

The Option Trader DVD Set

DVD #1 Insider Strategies for Profiting with Options
Max Ansbacher 90 min $64.95 Value

Award-winning money manager Max Ansbacher never follows the "norm" - and he's made millions in trading options. Learn solid new strategies from a seasoned pro in this 90 min. presentation, as Max shows how to pick the right options by balancing strike prices and expiration dates - in the right market by assessing indexes vs. individual stocks. This rare presentation will navigate you through uncharted territory and keep you on a course to trading success using the same techniques that have made Max a modern-day option trading legend.

DVD #2 Advanced Option Strategies
James Bittman 90 min $99. Value

James Bittman has written books, taught courses - and now he comes directly to you - with powerful advanced strategies for taking your options trading to higher levels of success. Discover winning methods for * Perfecting the 3-part forecast - a basic requirement of every options trade * Fine tuning the art of profit analysis: Is this trade worth doing? * Using straddles, time spreads, diagonal spreads, ratio trades and other intricate strategies This powerful video brings the best of Bittman right to you - in a one-on-one course that's sure to improve your trading acumen, and ultimately, your trading profits.

DVD #3 Profit with Index Options
James Bittman 74 min $99. Value

Boost your trading confidence and increase your potential profits by incorporating index options into your arsenal of trading strategies. Enabling you to trade the market as opposed to a particular stock, index options are a powerful means of success. Renowned options expert James Bittman walks you step-by-step through the basics of index options, teaching you how they work, when to use them, and the best methods for putting them into practice. Take advantage of the many benefits index options offer, and enlarge your capital in no time.

Special Report: Peak Oil Postponed, Not Canceled.
by Jim Brown

$200 Oil is still ahead!   The Great Recession crushed demand for crude oil and gasoline on a global basis. OPEC was forced to cut production by 4 million barrels per day. Naysayers rushed to claim that peak oil was dead. They claimed that new technology, more efficient vehicles and biofuels means we will always have plenty of oil. Sorry guys, enjoy the cheap oil while you can because peak oil has not been canceled.

We pulled back from the brink but depletion never stops. The IEA has now realized that we are losing over 4 million barrels per day of production every year as old fields tire and the volume of oil declines. True, there is an excess of production today but 18-24 months from now it will be an entirely different story. This is Jim's fifth annual update on the coming oil crisis and now is the best time to profit from this analysis with oil under $80 a barrel. Don't write off peak oil. Just because the mainstream media doesn't believe it does not make it a myth.

In the 100 years that industrial society has relied on petroleum, we have exhausted 50% of the world’s oil and we are consuming the rest at roughly 1,000 barrels per second.  Within a couple years $100 oil will be cheap, $8 gasoline will be the norm, and rationing will return.  Planning and investing for this eventuality should be a top priority for everyone.  Those who act now can profit from the coming decline in oil production and protect their families and way of life.  In this special report, you’ll learn how to position yourself for this coming disaster. Educate yourself now on the changing energy picture so you don't get left out in the cold.

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"Great service. I look forward to reading the newsletter daily . . Since I am a surgeon and can be away from the computer for long periods, I tend to take long positions rather than very short term positions . . . You have a great product, so I hope you don't change too much."  -- Joe M., M.D.

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Market Monitor gives you a real-time desktop window on the market and into the minds of active traders as they follow the market’s twists and turns every trading day.  You’ll take advantage of fast-paced news, hot stock tips, active trade signals, and most important of all, comprehensive analysis as the day progresses.  If you’re an active trader just plug into Market Monitor to pocket more profits.  If you’re a beginner, prepare for an intensive learning experience that will increase your trading savvy and profit potential. 

YOUR PRICE FOR OPTION #2:  We’ll add the Market Monitor to your Basic Subscription Package for the combined Members-Only Savings Rate of just $799 -- just $66.58 a month for the combined package.  Market Monitor alone costs $995 a year.  You’re saving $600!  Order now.


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For more than a year I have been laying out the plans for a premium website and newsletter dealing with energy news, energy stocks and trades based on events in the energy sector. This daily newsletter is starting on December 1st and the first 500 readers can subscribe for the introductory price of only $295. This is less than $1.13 per day for cutting edge news, commentary and trades. The first 500 readers will be locked in at this price forever. It will never go up for as long as you remain a subscriber.

You know this is my passion. I am a firm believer in peak oil and I believe it will be the greatest investment opportunity in our lifetimes. Beginning December 1st there will be daily articles on relevant news in the energy sector. Not every canned news item that appears in print but key news events that have a bearing on future energy prices. There will be daily commentary regarding these events and how they will affect our trades.

All you need is one profitable trade to make back your entire investment and put you in the clear for a years worth of insight into the energy sector.  I guarantee you there will be plenty of profitable trades and some will be whoppers!

YOUR PRICE FOR OPTION #3:  The OilSlick.com Newsletter would cost you $399 or more if purchased later.  Lock in your price today at $295 when combined with Option #1 above. That is less than $1.13 per trading day. Order now.

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We offered this back in 2007 and several readers who passed on it then asked about it in the recent reader survey. (However, while I am flattered, we will NEVER offer a lifetime subscription rate so quit asking) Option #4 - Renew your subscription for 4 years now and your fifth year is FREE.  This inflation-busting offer is for smart traders who love the idea of paying 2009 prices through 2013.  And to make the deal even better, your 5th year is FREE!   You won’t find a better offer anywhere. 

Your bonuses keep coming!

PLUS . . . you will AUTOMATICALLY receive every FREE BONUS, SPECIAL REPORT, MOUSEPAD, DVD and PREMIUM we offer each and every year, and a one-year subscription to any new newsletter we launch in the next 5 years!

"Wow!"  Sums it up for me.  I can’t believe we’re offering all this again.  It just goes to show how much we value our subscribers!

Here’s the Full 5-Year Package:

  • Everything in Option #1 which includes . . .
  • 5-year subscription to Option Investor 
  • 5-year subscription to LEAPS Trader
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  • 5-year subscription to Option Writer
  • 5-year subscription to Couch Potato Trader
  • 1-yr subscription to any new newsletters we launch (Like OilSlick.com)
  • All future Special Reports, Premiums, etc. for 5 years

Look at it this way...

All you need is one or two profitable trades to make back your entire investment and put you in the clear for 5 years worth of Option Investor.  Also, your annual free bonus reports and books/DVDs are guaranteed to keep you up-to-the-minute on the inevitable changes in the markets and options strategies to come.

YOUR PRICE FOR OPTION #4:  All this could cost you as much as $2,245 PER YEAR if purchased individually.  Your price for 5 years of option investing insights is only $1,995 -- That is a HUGE savings!.  Order now.

No matter which package you choose, I’d like to thank you once again for helping make Option Investor the best options trading resource available today.  Please go to the Members-Only Savings form and indicate your renewal preference.  Thanks!

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Excellent daily market analysis!

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