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On the Watchlist for Possible Closing

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Positions to Monitor

The following positions are being placed on the Watch List and may be subject to an adjustment in the near future.

USG - USG $46.90

USGlooks like it wants to retest its $47 resistance level. Any breakout above $47 merits an action if we get a close about $47.50. Until then look for USG hopefully to stall out around the $47.00 to $47.25 area. If not and we get a close above $47.50, we would look to close out the position for a $ NET DEBIT of $1.90 or $1.75 NET LOSS. Let's watch this one very closely

LXK - Lexmark $68.04

Lexmark within 2 points of resistance level of $70, looking for any test of $70 to be thwarted and a settle back to the $66-$68 area. No reason for any action yet, but let's keep an eye on Lexmark if it should test the $70 area.

We will continue to monitor these positions and will inform you of any changes or adjustments as needed.

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