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Some new commentary on LXK and USG.

Lexmark - LXK $70

Lexmark just penetrated resistance level of $70, looking to close out position on a close above $70. If we should get a bounce off of $70 will still look at closing position today if LXK closes above $70 for Debit of $1.95 or NET LOSS of $1.45. If we bounce and close under $70 look to close out on Monday for a slightly smaller NET loss. Earnings are due to be reported on Tuesday and it might not be a good thing to be short if the earnings meet or beat expectations. The current movement of this stock seems to be pointing to a decent earnings report. No advantage for us to be short to find out if they meet expectations or not.

Action to be taken either today or Monday.

USG - USG $46.90

USG bounced off its $47 resistance and is selling currently around $46.60 mid Friday morning. Looking for USG to hopefully stall out here. We are holding current position looking for sideways action in the stock at this level, however, if we get a close above $47.50, we would look to close out the position for a NET DEBIT of $1.90 or $1.75 NET LOSS.

Let's watch this one very closely

We will be monitoring these positions and report any changes or adjustments that need to be made.

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