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In a perfect world this would not happen. Eventhough we did not get filled, too many subcribers did and I think it is only fair that we follow the KBH spread positions for those who did.

I hope you can understand how this can happen and that it is usually only fair that I follow positions that we can get executed only. However in this case, I think it is only fair to the subcribers that got the fill to follow the recommendation. Any other subcribers that would like to get into the trade, feel free to try. I must advise you, that the price is not going to be for $0.40 at this time. Hence, you may put in an open order and wait or take a smaller spread. If you take a smaller spread I suggest not less than $0.30 NET CREDIT.

I hope this sounds fair to all the subcribers who were filled on KBH,

Good Luck and let's get those June premiums!


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