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New from Option Investor: OptionsXpress trade links

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This week we unveil the newest benefit in being an Monthly Cash Machine subscriber: optionsXpress trade links. Earlier this week we completed a partnership that will allow you to take advantage of your newsletter subscription to the fullest.

The concept is simple: you get a trade recommendation from Monthly Cash Machine in your inbox and on our website as always. Only now there's something different: right next to the description of the trade recommended will be an optionsXpress trade link:

If you would like to make the trade, click on the link and you will be taken to an options trade order, already filled out with all the details of the trade as recommended. You will be prompted to log in if you are not already.

If you have an optionsXpress account, all you need to do is fill out the number of contracts and approve the order and you'll be on your way.

What does that mean to you? Essentially two major benefits:

  1. Convenience - Save your valuable time by avoiding the hassle of filling out the order form by hand or over the phone.
  2. Timing - When you want to pull the trigger on a trade, you can do it. Immediately. As an options trader, you know how important it can be to get your order out there when you have the best chance of getting it filled. Our optionsXpress trade links are just another way we're trying to help you succeed in options.

See a trade, click the link, and approve the order. It's that easy.

One important thing to note: we will only provide trade links for orders to open. Trade orders to close out positions will have to be entered manually as always.

For our more advanced subscribers, optionsXpress trade links offer a further advantage. Because this is not an auto-trading service in the classical sense (i.e. - we don't make the trade for you), you can feel free to adjust the order as you wish. If you see a way to squeeze a little more premium out of a short trade, or lower the price when you go long, you can do that.

All we do is fill out the order as recommended-if you want to change it, go ahead. The power is still in your hands.

And isn't that what being an individual investor is all about?

Jim Brown
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PS - If you don't have an optionsXpress account, you can sign up for one now by clicking here:

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