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NOTE to subscribers

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On a rare occasion we may make a recommendation, that we are not able to get filled on because the market moves away from us, that can happen often, that is why we try and use the bid side for execution and sometimes take a shorter price, however, the reality is sometimes all of the subscribers will not get filled, but most of the time they do. However, now and again 1 or 2 subscribers will get filled and we do not....It would be unfair for me to follow the trade if we were not able to get it filled ourselves....but it does happen, although very rarely. This seems to have happen with ADBE. So as a courtesy to those who were filled we will follow it on the WATCH LIST right under the recommended list. In addition, we will not take any credit for the performance as we blogged to close out the position when it moved away from us....so the bottom line is we will follow it like a normal recommendation, but it will not be in the recommended list for performance. And believe me that is a trade I would not mind having.

I think this is a fair thing to do for all subscribers who have the position



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