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WATCH LIST COMMENTARY: SBUX goes into money with close at $33.04
We will have to WATCH this issue as it is $0.54 against us going into the
last 2 days of the SEPTEMBER CYCLE. It has been up over $3.00 the last 3 days
let's hope we get a little pullback tomorrow and then decide how we play it out Friday.

^SOXX - In what may be much too little in regards to the ^SOXX
down over $3.00 will not get it done and like I stated on Tuesday
all we can do is to hope for a major correction and that
this run up is over extended, if not we will just have to take our maximum loss
on the ^SOXX on Friday morning ( index settles for cash) so the two sides
will net out for a $5.00 NET DEBIT. You don't have to do anything as the
index is a cash settlement and will be settled for the difference in the strike prices
which is $5.00 NET DEBIT. We can decide to roll this position out and up

RYL - was a little overdone and its pullback today, gives us $1.20 going into
the last 2 days, eventhough it is on the WATCH list we have some breathing room.
Hopefully, we will continue to consolidate at this level for a couple of days.
let's hope for a brief pause, if not a pullback.

SBUX - There is no issues that SBUX is on the WATCH LIST however with its move today up over $0.60, it goes into the money $0.64 As per the commentary, we will have to watch this issue and hope for a pullback on Thursday and/ or Friday that could get us back to $32.50-$32.60 area.

All of the others issues are on schedule to expire

Current Issues on the WATCH LIST as of: 9/13/2006


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