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Blog corrrection - last trade recommendation 6-6-07

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Please note a correction to the trade recommendation from last night's blog

Two of the trades the SNDK and the AKS were for JULY which are correct. Thos should have been for JULY as the Symbol stated. The heading said JUNE., but the trades should be JULY as the SYMBOLS correctly indicate. Sometimes my software will print out the the correct month we are in when I am issuing trades with a symbol in the next cycle of a series

So in essence the SNDK an AKS trades are JULY as the symbol says. ignore the written information that says JUNE. Those two traes are July as stated.

In addition the RYL trade is a JUNE trade ( as the symbol states and the explanation also states.)

SO all trades are correct as the symbol indicates. My software always checks my symbols,
the verbage like JUNE and JULY ( or the trade written out saying the word JUNE or JULY may on occassion get transposed with the current , but my symbols are always correct.

So in recap the blog fromlast night should be two (2) July trades SNDK and AKS
and One (1) June trade RYL (put side ) - creating an iron condor

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