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ANF NEW PUT SPREAD filled..Aug 72.50 / 67.50

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ANF put spread filled for $0.65 NET CREDIT. Some of you should have received a little better premium than that.

You should have also closed out your ANF August 65 put for no more than DEBIT of $0.05.

If you have tons of margin, you don't have to close it out, but you are tying up $5,000 in margin requirement if you do not close it out.
After the spread transaction and the buying back of the short August 65 call

You should be:

Long ANF August 60 put and

- and have a

ANF 72.50/67.50 put spread (to complete the new iron condor.)

Basically we just rolled up the original put position and took a small profit on the original 65/60 put position ( original condor )

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