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ERTS goes on MARCH WATCH list with today's close

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ERTS goes on the MARCH WATCH list:

Electronic Arts - (ERTS) rose $2.50 to close at $48.85 today and thus goes on the MARCH WATCH list with its close above $48.

Electronic Arts Inc (ERTS)., seeking to bolster investor enthusiasm after several years of lackluster financial performance, said it plans to exceed $6 billion in annual revenue in three years, a figure more than 50% higher than expected revenue for its current fiscal year.

Such an increase would restore solid growth at EA, maker of well-known videogame franchises such as Madden NFL football and the Sims. In recent years, EA has shown little in profits and revenue growth as it has struggled with high development costs, poor reviews and weak sales for some games.

In addition Investors reacted positively to the news and part of the
price increase was in part due to the annoucement that "Spore," the highly anticipated game from "Sims" creator Will Wright, will go on sale on the weekend of Sept. 7, videogame publisher Electronic Arts said Tuesday.

This could be a turnaround of ERTS, but sales numbers have yet to convert to profits for the company and the jury is still out, we will watch our current position and be following ERTS and the other MARCH positions in detail when the FEBRUARY cycle goes off the board. Of course, we will be informing you on any development that may happen to any of our March positions it it becomes necessary, like today's action in ERTS

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