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With all of positions being call spreads and thus being on the downside, we deserved a little better fate. The Monthly Cash Machine showed a small $510 GAIN for the month of February. A short squeeze and a STOP out took a little wind out of our sales.

The Results are listed below:


So on to the MARCH plays. You will find them listed tonight in a new format along with the DJX index that we will be following and trading every month.

In addition look for several more MARCH 2008 recommendations tomorrow.

IN ADDITION, we will be re-issuing the EDUCATIONAL article we blogged last night. In my haste to get the material to you. I showed an example of a hypothetical trade on a hypothetical company called MANX ( just for illustration ), unfortunately, I have been doing so many bear call spreads the last few months, that I made an error by naming what should have been the put side of the spread a Call spread.

so that made the math look insane. so we will try and re issue that one tonight with the changes

Also look forward in the next 3 weeks the CONDOR CORNER: Where we will give you 1 or 2 DEBIT condors to play and hold for the last 2-3 weeks of the cycle. What's a condor you ask? We will give a full description or how they work in upcoming weeks, so you all will understand how they work and if they are something for you. We will follow these with on going commentary as well.

For those who want less guidance our SUPPLEMENTAL RECOMMENDATIONS will be coming out on both sides of the market ( to make everyone happy ) at least twice a month. So that's put credit spreads and call credit spreads. But remember, as always, these will not be followed and at times if the market dictates we may have more of one type of spread on one side of the market than the other side. In otherwords, we might be call spread or put spread heavy depending on the overlying condition of the market, as well as just the numbers of acceptable plays that have a bullish or bearish bias

See the start of the March 2008 WATCH list update later tonight. There will be a few gradual changes. When you try to make them to quickly, you get a little ahead of yourself ( That is why I get to do a rewrite for tonight :( . My fault

Until then

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