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FRIDAY FOLLOW UP on Expiration day

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Futures this morning are pointing to a higher opening......Citibank had huge writedown, HOWEVER, Google may lead the bulls charging this morning.

With that in mind. Be very watchful of DDM and might gap open...if it goes we probably might see the 77 short price violated. Please montior carefully. We have a 2 point maximum loss if this market does a Wednesday type run up. Don't jump in and close, watch to see how issue settles. If it gaps see how it reacts when the market stablizes, if you can..Hold as long as you feel the high may be put in, but don't let the very early over enthusiam dictate your decision early. But if it looks like Wednesday close it out As for instructions on CRDN and XLB...watch XLB very closely you may want to exit XLB early or at least with a stop at $44.50. Remember the breakeven and risk charts that I emailed earlier to you this week....You can see the potential net loss on XLB and CRDN

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