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BKX filled

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BKX filled

Please note that the BKX index is a quarterly settlement which means its expiration will end on the last business day of each calender quarter , NOT the third Friday of the month( see below in RED )


BQA / BKXSM KBW Bank Index

Contracts Listed: Up to four (4) consecutive calendar quarters.

Multiplier: $100

Exercise Style: Same as the standard options on the same underlying index. (BKX is European-style)

Strike Price Intervals: The Exchange shall determine fixed-point intervals of exercise prices for index options. Generally, the exercise (strike) price intervals will be no less than $5. However, the Exchange may determine to list strike prices at no less than $2.50 intervals if the strike price is less than $200 for listed index options, and in response to demonstrated customer interest or specialist request.

Strike Prices: At least two but not more than five strike prices above, and two but not more than five strike prices below the value of the underlying index at about the time that a Quarterly Index Options Series is opened for trading on the Exchange. Consult PHLX Rule 1012 for more information.

Premium Quotation:
Stated in decimals. One point equals $100. Minimum tick for options trading below 3.00 is 0.05 ($5.00) and for all other series, 0.10 ($10.00).

Expiration Date: The last business day of each calendar quarter.

Last Trading Day: Quarterly Index Options are p.m.-settled contracts; therefore, the last trading day is the last business day of each calendar quarter.

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