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NO WATCH list tonight - Will be updated tomorrow

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There will be no WATCH list tonight.( small technical reasons ) however strange as that my sound Just a little bug that I should have fixed tomorrow morning. But with only two days until expiration all of our positions are pretty safe. We just might keep an eye on LAZ, but even that is more than a point out of the money.

Even though our DJX put position goes back on the WATCh list with its close below 122 or 12,200 DJIA. We still have over 400 points of protection between tomorrows close and Friday's settlement numbers on the down side. So we should be okay. Don't let Murphy hear you. You know how fickle Murphy"s law can be.

Subcribers should have closed out their short IART JUn 45 short call for $0.80 as per last last nights blog. Some subcribers closed out for as low as a $0.75 DEBIT

If for some reason you did not close out I would be sure to exit tomorrow, as option dropped earlier today, but moved up to $0.90 - $0.95. Most should be already out of the position

Anyway, the portfolio will be updated tomorrow and the FINAL watch list for June will be emailed to you as normal on Thursday evening.

In addition, the July Watch list will start being displayed on Friday after the June options go off of the board.

Sorry for the technical blooper tonight.

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