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It was a slightly frustrating event for the monthly cash machine in August as
2 of our 3 portfolios ran into the red.

Our traditional Monthly Cash Machine equity portfolio showed a loss of $600 as SHLD and BBY (Sears and Best Buy) ran at us real hard and stopped us out. SHLD stopped us out early in the month, and it wasn't until 7 days left in the cycel when BBY came at us. The bottom line, even if the retailers look weak, a lot of folks must have felt they were bottoming out. However, with the stimulus checks gone it still looks bleak on the horizon for the retailers. But unfortunately, BBY and SHLD performed otherwise.

Our Index sector portfolio only had one position, and it unfortunately was the banking sector which, once again, seemd to just ignore all the signs of the problems yet to come as traders went bargin hunting and ran the prices up fast and hard. This one we may have stayed to long at the fair on and we showed a loss of $3,030. However any subscribers who used any of the roll out strategies were able to cut their losses significantly and in the last scenario given could have shown a profit ( those startegies will be shown again below. )

However, there was a bright spot in August as our DJX Monthly Cash Machine ( Dow Jones Industrials only ) portfolio showed a profit of $500. Remember, this is on a $10,000 - $15,000 account for subcribers who want to walk before they leap. In addition this was the DJX's 5th consecutive profitable month in a row since its inception without incurring a losing month.

The results of each of the portfolios are shown below and will be shown in the portfolio section of the newletter until Sunday night when they will be replaced by the SEPTEMBER positions

In addition, we will be looking to add more SEPTEMBER positions this weekend.

And as I always say, whether good months or bad months. We go on and consider any loss the cost of doing business


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