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The SEPTEMBER 2008 expiration has come and gone and Murphy put a damper into what should have been a great month. Unfortunately, Samsung and a temporary short squeeze early in the expiration period stopped us out of CLR, which of course closed well out of the money along with all our other positions except SNDK. Talking about SNDK, what a rough break.

On several occasions subscribers have written me after I have suggested that the they might want to close out a position for $0.01 - $0.02. I have gotten responses saying, ? it makes no sense to spend the extra $15 commission and the $10.00 to close out the options, it is reducing our profits?.

Well, here is an example of why subscribers should consider that option to close out a position for a $0.01 -$0.02. I agreed SNDK plays rarely happen, where a stock moves over 40% in 2 days before expiration, but than again it does happen. Hindsight is 20/20?and those two plays converted a good month to a small loss for the MONTHLY CASH MACHINE.

Our SEPTEMBER 2008 MONTHLY CASH MACHINE showed a LOSS of $650. (thanks to SNDK and Samsung)

However, our DJX SEPTEMBER 2008 MONTHLY CASH MACHINE did continue its seventh consecutive profitable month with a $600 PROFIT, (which is based on only a $15,000 account)

The SEPTEMBER 2008 MONTHLY CASH MACHINE RESULTS are available below and will also be available until Sunday night, when they will be replaced by the OCTOBER 2008 MONTHLY CURRENT POSITIONS.

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