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This could be brutal

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This current market conditions could be brutal. As a former option principal and registered representative I went through 1980 with a 21% prime...The 1987 crash..The internet Crash..and now this. as most of you know I have been doing totally call credit spreads only ( except a few months on the DJX MCM portfolio) because of the fear of the certainty of what we are experiencing now. For MCM subscribers we have NO positions that can affect us on the down side this cycle. But eventhough all of our positions are in great shape, I take no pleasure in the current market conditions. But the powers of the financial investment institutions in their greed have put the investors in this market, in this very tenuous position. However, sometimes we have to be in a position to take advantage of opportunities when they are presented to us. As a broker I always had the greatest respect for the dark side ( better know as the down side or the market ) and if anything have always been slightly bearish than most. Hopefully, we will overcome the current situation, but I fear it will be only after some pain to the overall market a a lot of investors as a whole.

DJX MCM November positions will be given Thursday or Friday this week.....and November recommendations will start this weekend

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