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The Market Monitor server failed again on Tuesday afternoon and we have been unable to restart it remotely. The monitor is hosted in California and the website in Florida.

When we moved the website to the new Florida ISP back in October and expanded the content we were unable to move the Monitor at the same time. The backend code for the monitor was dependent on multiple Windows servers for content, subscriber access, load balancing, etc. The new hosting company is a Linux shop.

We have been working on rewriting the monitor code but there are portions of the code that were originally written 8 years ago that exist only in object form. The contract programmers that last modified it in 2007 lost the source code. I have two programmers working on recreating the code on an emergency basis.

We have someone who is headed to the datacenter to try and restart the system again.

I apologize for this outage and assure you we will get it back up as quickly as possible.

Jim Brown

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