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I'm not a fundamental investor by nature, but when I see the Airborne Express (NYSE:ABF) courier running, not just walking briskly, to her next destination, I figure the company might be worth checking out. In a society filled with slack-jawed generation X workers that take 15 minutes to get me my Big Mac, a company with motivated employees is a rare find.

Not having the time to stalk several Airborne Express couriers to see if they all have the same zest for their work, or complete a detail analysis of the company's financial ratios, I had to rely on the Internet. My search of various message boards failed to provide any information about whether employees were ripping on the company or vehemently defending it. I did find one message that noted Airborne was using rental vans to deliver packages. I wonder what affect that would have on return on total assets? In conclusion, my quick review found that Revenues grew 1.4% in the first quarter to $824 million, but that translated into a net loss of $17 million. Airborne's results were affected by the slowing economy, and I would imagine rising fuel costs.

Airborne Inc Daily Chart

A daily chart of ABF shows that the stock is trying to rally after a steep sell off. While prices have moved above the 50- pma, they are currently stuck at the 38.2% retracement bracket and downtrend line. With a lot of overhead resistance to work through, Airborne could have trouble delivering a price above $13.75 as quickly as they deliver packages. Looks like my quest for the next Microsoft or Wal-Mart continues.

Jeff Canavan
Assistant Analyst

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