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World Trade Center housed many

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The twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York housed many government agencies and many corporations called it home or had operations there. As part of our special report, here is a brief list of government agencies and various businesses that had operations at the World Trade Center location.

Government Agencies: Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, U.S. Animal Plant Health Inspection, Federal Maritime Commission, U.S. Customs Service (USCS), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Customs Service, Treasury Department, Secret Service, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). Note: Those letters in parenthesis are NOT stock symbols, but lettered insignia that subscribers may be familiar with.

Financial Exchanges: Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa Exchange, New York Cotton Exchange.

Businesses: This is a brief list of companies that had operations at the World Trade Center. Morgan Stanley/Dean Witter (NYSE:MWD)(50 floors leased), Hyundai Securities, Tokyo Securities, Charles Schwab (NYSE:SCH), Yamaichi International America, Smith Barney Inc., Keefe Bruyette & Woods Inc., Cantor Fitzgerald Inc., Dean Witter Reynolds Inc.

For a complete list of tenants that had offices at WTC, subscribers can visit http://www.costargroup.com/wtc/

As you can see, there was a broad range of government agencies that had some of their operations at the World Trade Center. While there were government agencies that had some of their operations housed at the World Trade Center location, many of the government agencies listed have multiple locations across the country and many of those agencies have resumed operations today at other locations.

The various exchanges listed above are not trading floors for the commodities they represent. Those exchanges listed had offices located at the World Trade Center. Subscribers wishing to find out more information may want to visit http://www.nybot.com for various press releases. I will note that in portions of the Chairman's message (Mr. Harry Falk), he noted current plan is to resume trading, using their Long Island City disaster recovery facility, as soon as practical. In other notes from the Presidents message from the NYBOT and NYCC at 4 WTC, all employees were safely evacuated from the building.

The brief list of businesses listed above were just some of those businesses that have lost their office space at the WTC, but more importantly may have lost some of their valued employees. At this time we do not have a full list of tenants that resided at the WTC.

As you can see from the above list, the tenant companies at the WTC were broad and ever encompassing, much like America itself. We feel it is relatively important for subscribers to understand the make up of tenant companies. Not necessarily from the "investment opportunity" angle, but to simple get a feel for things.

My thoughts from here

Now I get a chance to perhaps take some editorial freedoms and give my thoughts on current events and what to look for from here.

First of all, I will say I am an American first and foremost. Never before have I felt an overwhelming feeling of American pride on what a great county I live in. If not for my age, I may have run down to the local recruitment office and signed up. Instead, I will donate blood, as that gift is not dependent on age.

Guilt. I have guilt. Yes, I have profiled short/put plays across various portions of the Premier Investor Network prior to Tuesday's events. I feel guilty for potentially benefiting from any gains as it relates to the World Trade Center attack and that of the Pentagon. I've often said that a confident trader makes buy/sell decisions without emotion. Now I have emotion. As I said, I am an American first and with that comes compassion for those that have lost their lives, our most precious asset. I have compassion not only for those that were on board the hijacked planes, but those that were its targets and those of the NY Fire Department and NY Police Department that lost their lives while saving others.

Sadness. I feel great sadness. Financial gain cannot heel sadness. However, a trader/investor that may share some of my feelings can still give financially. No amount of money given to a disaster relief effort can bring back the loss of life, or eliminate the pain that many Americans feel. I can do some good with any future financial gains by giving to those organizations that currently are helping in the relief effort in the communities that have recently been affected by yesterday's tragedy. Today I visited the Red Cross home page, but their "donate now" link was not working. I'm hoping that their server is just overloaded for that particular area of the site. The link to the Red Cross web page is http://www.redcross.org

Anger. Yes, I have anger. Enough anger to refrain from commenting on this emotion at this time. If there is one emotion I've learned to control through my experience with trading it is anger. Most often I'm able to overcome this emotion and channel toward other activities

With that said, we at the Premier Investor Network will refrain from profiling short/put plays for the near future. Eventually America's wounds will heal (they will not be forgotten), but I am an American first, and now is NOT a time to try and profit from the downside due to recent events. I even have a problem trying to profile certain stocks that will benefit to the upside due to the recent tragedy. This may be in conflict with some subscribers (I doubt it though), but I have to live with myself. I'm not passing judgment on others in this regard.

I'm very sensitive to how our subscribers view the commentary we provide on a daily basis. I hope that some of the above "editorial" gives subscribers a foundation for the days going forward on how I view things, based on my belief system, and where I will build on my commentary near-term. Call me "soft", but I will not look to try and benefit financially from recent events.

I will however in following commentary try and present in an objective form, those sectors that may undergo some selling pressure (subscribers may own stock/options in some of these companies and need guidance) as well as mentioning sectors where certain businesses may come into the spotlight due to recent events. At the same time, I will comment about stocks that I have talked about previous to Tuesday's events that perhaps should not be affected by recent events. It may be just these stocks that present the bullish trader with the greatest opportunity to buy potential weakness depending on how things go when markets resume trading.

January 6, 1941

On January 6th, 1941, President Roosevelt addressed Congress, delivering the now historic "Four Freedoms" speech. At that time, Western Europe was under Nazi domination. In that speech, President Roosevelt presented a vision in which the American ideals of individual liberties were extended throughout the world.

In brief, the four freedoms were....

Freedom of speech and expression -- everywhere in the world.

Freedom of every person to worship God in his own way --
everywhere in the world.

Freedom from want -- everywhere in the world.

Freedom from fear -- anywhere in the world.

Of those four freedoms, perhaps the fourth freedom was violated yesterday. That freedom will undoubtedly be defended in the future. You can imagine that some of President Roosevelt's freedoms have yet to be achieved around the world, but here in the United States, three freedoms are very much intact and with time, the fourth freedom will be restored. Perhaps sooner than some imagine.

Jeff Bailey
Senior Market Technician

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