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Daily Newsletter, Thursday, 07/06/2006

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Market Wrap

Smokers Unite

Well at least buy the smokes anyway, or the company that makes them. Thanks to Altria (MO 77.76 4.43), which was up 6% today, the DOW outperformed the market to the upside today. The Florida Supreme Court threw out a $145B punitive damage award against cigarette makers and decertified the case as a class action lawsuit. This made it a very significant victory for the tobacco industry. For some reason this all sounds vaguely familiar with past tobacco cases. While the DOW was not alone in the green column today it didn't have a lot of company up at the top. With the DOW up 73 points we should have seen SPX up about 7 but instead it was up only 3 points. The COMP was marginally in the green, almost 2 points but the NDX was in the red.

The internals supported the green indices but even they say the day was a little better than a mixed bag. Welcome to a summer time market that is lethargic (relatively low volume today) and somewhat confused. It can't seem to make up its mind whether or not it wants to scale the wall (called 50-dma's) or sit down and have a beer. Neither the bears nor the bulls seem particularly interested in taking a stand at the moment. Ah, summer time trading at its best.

Looking at this morning's economic reports, we see a continuation of signals that the economy is slowing down a little. But the market didn't really pay attention to any of this morning's reports, except Altria and the law suit that was ruled in its favor. The unemployment data showed initial claims dropped slightly by 2K to 313K which was slightly lower than expectations for 315K. The previous week's number was revised higher by 6K to 315K (have they ever revised it lower?). The 4-week average of initial claims rose 2,500 to 308,500. Continuing claims were up 52K to 2.46M which is the highest level since mid-March. The 4-week average rose 11,250 to 2.43M.


31 Closed Trades; 28 Winners

Jonas Ferris picks good companies whose insiders are buying, too. With this record, it's easy to see that tracking insiders works; now see how we make it easy.


The ISM Services (nonmanufacturing) number fell to 57.0% from 60.1% in May, making it the slowest pace since January. It was lower than most economists had been expecting, which was a slight drop to 59.6% and is concerning because the January number followed a slow Q4. New orders fell to 56.6% from 59.6%. The employment index fell to 52.0% from 58.0%. The price index slipped to 73.9% from 77.5% in the previous month. These numbers will help the Fed feel a little better about inflation fears but the stock market shouldn't like the slowing in growth. This is the tough spot for the market--do we like slowing growth because of the reduced inflation fears which gets the Fed to think about pausing, or do we not like slowing growth because of what it will do to company earnings.

There was some good news out of the housing sector and the economists were quick to point out how the real estate market is stabilizing. That sounds like wishful thinking based on one month's data. I thought economists were supposed to report facts and not hopeful thinking. Silly me. The pending home sales index rose 1.3% in May which is the first increase since January. The index is down 10.1% in the past year. But David Lereah, chief economist for National Association of Realtors, said, "The slight change in pending home sales indicates the market is beginning to level out. This is consistent with our forecast, which is showing a soft landing for the housing sector." I hope for a lot of peoples' sakes, including the broader economy, that he's correct. My feeling is that he's off the mark by a wide margin.

The only other major economic report was the crude inventories data which shows crude supplies fell 2.4M barrels last week. The price of oil dipped early today but then climbed back up to near yesterday's closing price--down a dime at $75.15. New highs in oil are being met with negative divergences and this suggests we could see a pullback soon. The good news for motorists is that gasoline supplies jumped unexpectedly higher by 700K barrels to 213.1M total. The price of wholesale gasoline has been hitting all-time highs (high of 2.297 and then closing at 2.276 yesterday) so we could use some relief. Gasoline prices closed at 2.251 today so not a whole lot of relief there. The daily chart for gasoline (August contract) looks like it's ready for a pullback so we'll have to see what happens.

Other than that it was a quiet summer day and other than an early pop in the morning, most of which was given back by the end of the day except for the DOW, there was little excitement today. Let's see what the charts are telling us.

DOW chart, Daily

It's hard to say whether or not the trend line along the highs from January 2004 is having an influence on price. It was exceeded for about a month in April and May but the DOW couldn't get back above it when it bounced in early June. Of course the 50-dma was right there as well and it failed that test. Now the DOW has been hammering on its 50-dma again and looks like it could make it back over. Then the trend line just under 11300 could offer up some resistance. Two equal legs up from the June low is at 11335 so that makes for a good Fib target. On a smaller time frame, the top of a parallel up-channel for price action since the June low will be near that 11335 level late tomorrow/early Monday. If we're seeing some weakness develop there it could be a good place to try shorting the DOW.

SPX chart, Daily

SPX is having a little less luck with its 50-dma at 1274 which is right where it closed today. In addition to that there's the broken uptrend line from March 2003 at the same level. SPX briefly broke above both but is currently struggling at this level. A consolidation here, which stays above 1260, followed by another push higher would create a bullish impulsive move up off the June low. That's what the bulls want to see--a consolidation that lasts perhaps another week and then a rally from there. That leg up to a minor new high would complete the rally leg from the June low and would then be followed by a little deeper retracement but the impulsive move up would say another one will follow and that would mean we can expect a rally into the summer months.

A break below 1260 would be a shot across the bow suggesting the bounce is over. A break below the uptrend line from the June low, currently near 1249, would be the shot that takes out the bulls' rudder. A break below the last pullback low at 1237 would be the shot below the water line and the USS Bullmarket would be in serious trouble. The Elliott Wave (EW) count on the above chart says the next leg down is going to be a doozy. That's why the bulls want a consolidation here followed by another leg up.

SPX chart, Daily, courtesy stockcharts.com

I like this chart from stockcharts.com, which I've been showing on the Futures Monitor for a few days now, because it clearly shows the importance of its 50-dma. If you go back further in time than what's shown in this chart you'll see it has acted as support and resistance and is often overshot before heading back the other way. During the first 4 months of this year you can see how the 50-dma was supportive, as was MACD above the zero line. Now we have price hitting it from below and MACD below zero. This makes me wonder if we'll see the same thing from below as we saw from above. If so, this test of the 50-sma will fail.

Nasdaq chart, Daily

The 50-dma has clearly crossed down below the 200-dma which gives us an intermediate sell signal, one which the fund managers take seriously. The COMP wasn't even able to get up to test its 50-dma so a drop back down from here would be very bearish, especially from an EW perspective. The current EW count on the chart calls for a 3rd wave down from here and that could be a sharp and steep drop. Bulls will want to see the same thing I talked about for the SPX--a consolidation followed by another move higher.

QQQQ chart, Daily

The QQQQ is giving me just enough of a different picture from the COMP to keep me guessing. While the bounce from the June low looks like it will fail, and says we've got a new low coming, the larger EW count tells me we could see a much bigger bounce after that, perhaps back up to $40 area. If the broader market continues to consolidate and then head higher then there will be little doubt in my mind that we'll see a very choppy rally into the summer months. Short term trading this index in that case could be very difficult.

The SOX chart on QCharts hasn't been updating since June 30th so unfortunately I do not have an updated chart for you. However, the only thing I can add is that the decline since about mid-June is showing bullish divergences and while we could see minor new lows it's looking like it could form a bottom soon. I wouldn't want to be short the semis based on its chart. This may be hinting that the rest of the market could do the choppy summer rally rather than a hard decline from here. It'll definitely be worth keeping an eye on this index.

BIX banking index, Daily chart

The banks are not as strong as I'd like to see in order to help the bulls. By not being able to get up and at least tag its 50-dma, the banks look weak here. Stochastics is heading for overbought and a test of the 50-dma, if it gets there, would be a good time to try a short to see what kind of pullback, or worse, we get.

U.S. Home Construction Index chart, DJUSHB, Daily

There's very little question in my mind about this pattern. The bounce, if you could call it that, from the June low is the picture of a bear flag. If it rallied strong out of this it would catch me and a few others on the wrong side of the trade--this is a short waiting to happen.

Oil chart, August contract, Daily

After a very choppy pullback since its April high, and barely touching its uptrend line from December, oil has shot out of the gates and looks like it's got its sights set on a new high. A pullback is in order, maybe to retest its 50-dma but this chart tells me we should see new all-time highs in oil before the summer is out.

Oil Index chart, Daily

What's good for oil is very good for oil stocks. While oil has not yet made new highs above its April high, the oil stocks did make new highs. Like oil, this index looks ready for a pullback but the pattern would look best with just a sideways/down consolidation and then another leg higher. After that new high I'd want to be taking profits and stand aside since it could be the peak in oil and oil stocks. At the very least we'll be due a much larger pullback correction. But for now, if you're long oil stocks, stay there for a little while longer.

Transportation Index chart, TRAN, Daily

After that 3-wave decline from its May high (which is a correction to the impulsive rally it's been in) it was either going to lead to a much larger sideways move through the summer or head to new highs. By the looks of it it's going to head for new highs. But that new high might be just a test of its broken uptrend line, currently near 5050. With oscillators in overbought, that could be a good test that's worth a short play.

U.S. Dollar chart, Daily

The US dollar is just another example of why you always want to play a retest of a broken trend line. If the play fails (such as a continuation of the rally back above the trend line in this case) then you'll know the market has other plans. But most of the time these retests make very nice trade entries, as a short at the trend line near $87 on June 23rd would have been. The dollar got a bounce today and closed at its 50-dma at $85.46. I'm expecting the dollar to drop down to new lows and I'm anxious to see if the $83 area provides support.

Gold chart, August contract, Daily

After bouncing off its 200-ema gold has had a nice bounce. There's an internal Fib projection, based on an a-b-c wave count to the upside that matches the 50-dma at 640. Therefore that's where it could be worthwhile trading gold to the short side, or taking some profits if you're trading gold to the long side. If we get only a choppy sideways/down kind of pullback then I would expect another leg up and that would be bullish for the longer term pattern. But there's still a chance we could get another leg down in gold and that's why I'd want to take some money off the table if you're long gold (and trading it versus holding it for longer term).

Results of today's economic reports and tomorrow's reports include the following:

Tomorrow's reports include the important nonfarm payrolls number. This, along with the hourly earnings report, will be used by the Fed as part of their "forward looking" data analysis to help them determine what they will do next. My feeling is they will continue to raise rates until it's obvious they've gone too far and they'll turn right around and start dropping rates. We might not have a "pause" in between. So depending on the market thinks the Fed will react to the numbers will determine the knee jerk reaction in the morning.

While today was overall bullish, except for some techs, it wasn't a day for the bulls to write home about. Volume was on the low side and up volume and advancing issues were only marginally ahead of down volume and declining issues. New 52-week highs weren't that much ahead of new lows. But at least the internals were supportive of the positive market today. The big negative in my mind was the fact that the DOW was so much further ahead than the others. This always looks like a defensive move, especially with much of the tech sector in the red.

Speaking of sectors, the leaders on the green board were gold and silver, healthcare (I guess the win by the tobacco companies will mean more smokers which will mean more diseases which will mean more money for the HMOs), drugs (same reason as above), networkers, disk drives and biotechs. QCharts is having some difficulties with some of my sector indexes such as XAU, UTY, SOX and OSX but checking them at other sources shows the OSX was one of the leaders to the downside today. Other leading the red team were the Trannies and utilities.

We've had no significant changes in the SPX weekly charts from last week and therefore there's nothing new to add as far as which scenario could be playing out here. Until SPX drops below 1237 I can't call the more immediately bearish case as the best one. If price consolidates in the 1260-1280 area and then heads higher then there's a good chance we could see the summer rally unfold, which is the intermediate bullish scenario. We would probably see a lot of chop and a slow grind north but at least the bulls wouldn't have to worry about getting out of their positions, yet.

So the bulls want to see the consolidation we've been in for the past week continue for another week or so. That would suggest we've got higher to go but it probably won't be a very smooth ride. On the other hand if SPX drops below 1260 it would be a heads up for something more potentially bearish. But it takes a break of the uptrend line from the June low, currently near 1249, to say the bounce from that June low could be over. And then a break below 1237 would be confirmation that we've probably got some very bearish things about to happen to the market. In either case I'm hoping by this time next week that we'll know which weekly chart that I posted at the end of last Thursday's report is playing out. Patience is required as we wait for price to tell us. In the meantime if you're day trading, trade quickly and take profits early since we're in a period of no follow through and quick reversals. Good luck and I'll be back next Thursday. I'll also be updating during the day on the Futures Monitor.

New Plays

New Option Plays

Call Options Plays
Put Options Plays
Strangle Options Plays
FO None None

New Calls

Fortune Brands - FO - close: 71.30 change: 1.24 stop: 69.74

Company Description:
Fortune Brands, Inc. is a leading consumer brands company with annual sales exceeding $7 billion. Its operating companies have premier brands and leading market positions in home and hardware products, spirits and wine, and golf equipment. (source: company press release or website)

Why We Like It:
We have been watching FO for a potential entry point to buy calls the last several days - ever since it began to look like shares had put in a bottom. In the last month the stock has built support near $68.50 and a few days ago the stock broke out over $70.00 and its 10-dma. Traders bought the dip yesterday and today's rebound looks like confirmation with a new relative high. Volume came in above average on today's gain too (which is bullish). We are somewhat worried about resistance at $75.00 and potential resistance at its descending 50-dma (currently at 74.53). Plus, the Point & Figure chart for FO is still bearish. Here's the plan. We're suggesting calls with FO above $70.00 but honestly if the markets respond positively to the jobs report tomorrow (Friday) we expect FO to continue higher. If the markets do NOT respond positively to the jobs report then we would not open new bullish plays in FO or any other candidate. We're going to set a short-term target at the $74.00 mark. We do not want to hold over the July earnings report (21st - unconfirmed). FYI: more aggressive traders may want to use a wider stop like under Wednesday's low.

Suggested Options:
Aggressive traders might want to consider trading the July calls. We're going to suggest the August strikes. Remember, we're not suggesting you buy both strikes. You pick the strike price that works best with your risk profile.

BUY CALL AUG 70.00 FO-HN open interest=106 current ask $2.85
BUY CALL AUG 75.00 FO-HO open interest=107 current ask $0.60

Picked on July 06 at $ 71.30
Change since picked: 0.00
Earnings Date 07/21/06 (unconfirmed)
Average Daily Volume = 674 thousand


Komag Inc. - KOMG - close: 47.54 change: 2.35 stop: 44.49

Company Description:
Founded in 1983, Komag is a leading independent supplier of thin-film disks, the primary high-capacity storage medium for digital data. Komag leverages the combination of its world-class U.S. research and development center and Malaysian manufacturing operations to produce disks that meet the high-volume, stringent quality, low cost and demanding technology needs of its customers. (source: company press release or website)

Why We Like It:
A few days ago KOMG broke out from its bearish pattern of lower highs and then followed through to push past potential resistance in the $45.00 region and its 100-dma. Today's bounce from the $45.00 area was fueled by above average volume and the stock set a new two-month high. Most of the technical indicators on the monthly and daily charts are bullish. Plus, KOMG has a bullish P&F chart with a nice bounce from support and a $60 target. We are suggesting calls here near $47.50 although if KOMG does pull back any tomorrow a bounce from the $45.50-46.00 region could be used as a new entry point. We do expect some resistance near the $50.00 level but our target is the $52.25-54.00 range. We do not want to hold over the late July earnings report. Please note that the DDX disk drive index is still struggling with resistance at the 150 level and its trend of lower highs. More conservative traders might want to wait for the DDX index to breakout over 150 before considering call plays in this sector.

Suggested Options:
We are suggesting the August calls.

BUY CALL AUG 45.00 QKX-HI open interest=663 current ask $4.90
BUY CALL AUG 50.00 QKX-HJ open interest=583 current ask $2.40

Picked on July 06 at $ 47.54
Change since picked: 0.00
Earnings Date 07/26/06 (unconfirmed)
Average Daily Volume = 1.1 million

New Puts

None today.

New Strangles

None today.

Play Updates

In Play Updates and Reviews

Call Updates

Armor Holdings - AH - close: 54.97 chg: 0.54 stop: 52.99*new*

Hmmm... shares of AH displayed some relative strength this morning. The stock shot higher at the open to $56.04. The move was so sharp it almost looked like a reaction to an analyst upgrade but we couldn't find any new analyst comments or news to account for this morning's strength in AH. The stock spent the rest of the day slowly conceding its early morning gains. The close back under resistance at the $55.00 level is not a positive sign. Investors appear to be waiting for tomorrow's jobs report. We are still concerned about potential resistance at the 50-dma overhead. Consider waiting for a move over $55.50 before evaluating new plays. Our target is the $59.50-60.00 range. We do not want to hold over the July earnings report. Please note we're raising the stop loss to $52.99 and more conservative traders may want to move theirs closer to the $54 level in case the jobs report is negative and markets head south.

Picked on July 02 at $ 54.83
Change since picked: 0.14
Earnings Date 07/20/06 (unconfirmed)
Average Daily Volume = 656 thousand


Allegheny Tech. - ATI - cls: 68.68 chg: 0.07 stop: 64.95

Most of the steel/iron or metal stocks we looked at today all had the same pattern - sideways. Investors are waiting for tomorrow's economic report. We remain bullish with ATI above the simple 50-dma (67.63) and its 10-dma (67.29) but more conservative traders might want to wait for a move over $70.50 before considering new plays. Our target is the $75.00-76.00 range. The P&F chart currently points to an $83 target. We do not want to hold over the July earnings date.

Picked on June 29 at $ 70.01
Change since picked: - 1.33
Earnings Date 07/26/06 (unconfirmed)
Average Daily Volume = 3.8 million


Burlington N.Santa Fe - BNI - cls: 76.36 chg: -2.32 stop: 74.90

Railroad stocks were showing relative weakness on Thursday. The odd thing is that we can't find any news or reason to account for the move. With crude oil near record highs railroad stocks should be bullish since they're more efficient fuel-wise. The technical picture for BNI is turning bearish. Plus, today's decline under the 10-dma and 50-dma was fueled by above average volume. We are not suggesting new plays at this time.

Picked on June 29 at $ 79.09
Change since picked: - 2.73
Earnings Date 07/25/06 (confirmed)
Average Daily Volume = 2.3 million


Bear Stearns - BSC - cls: 142.38 chg: 1.46 stop: 134.95

BSC turned in some relative strength on Thursday. The stock added over 1% versus a 0.17% gain for the XBD broker-dealer index. We are not suggesting new bullish positions at this time. More conservative traders may want to think about taking some profits off the table early. Our target is the $144.50-147.50 range.

Picked on June 29 at $137.51
Change since picked: 4.87
Earnings Date 09/14/06 (unconfirmed)
Average Daily Volume = 1.5 million


Chipolte Mex Grill - CMG - cls: 59.06 chg: -0.29 stop: 57.99

We don't see any changes from yesterday's update. Bulls are still in danger here with CMG. Even an analyst price target upgrade this morning was not enough to inspire any sort of bounce in CMG. More conservative traders might want to cut their losses early right here. The stock looks vulnerable to more selling with the close under $60.00 and its 50-dma. Shares are on the verge of breaking down under its wide, rising channel.

Picked on June 18 at $ 61.76
Change since picked: - 2.70
Earnings Date 07/20/06 (unconfirmed)
Average Daily Volume = 384 thousand


Google - GOOG - close: 423.19 chg: 1.73 stop: 399.00 *new*

This morning some positive analyst comments for GOOG inspired a minor rally but the strength faded and shares spent the session sideways as investors wait for tomorrow's jobs report. We are not suggesting new plays at this time. We are going to raise our stop loss to $399.00. More conservative traders may want to seriously consider taking some profits right here! There is potential resistance in the $425-430 region with its trendline of lower highs. We are aiming for the $440 level.

Picked on June 21 at $401.00
Change since picked: 22.19
Earnings Date 07/20/06 (unconfirmed)
Average Daily Volume = 9.8 million


Goldman Sachs - GS - close: 150.58 chg: -0.37 stop: 146.45

There is no change from our previous update. We are still sitting on the sidelines with GS. The stock has still not broken out past the $153.00 level. Our suggested trigger to buy calls is at $153.05. Aggressive traders may want to jump in early with a bounce from the $150 level. We're suggesting two targets. Our conservative target is the $157.50 level. Our aggressive target is going to be the $164.00 level. If shares of GS can trade over $154 it will produce a new buy signal on the P&F chart.

Picked on June xx at $ xx.xx <-- see TRIGGER
Change since picked: 0.00
Earnings Date 09/12/06 (unconfirmed)
Average Daily Volume = 5.0 million


MicroStrategy - MSTR - cls: 93.64 change: -2.89 stop: 91.74

Software stocks continued to sink today and traders decided to do some profit taking in MSTR ahead of tomorrow's jobs report. The technical picture for MSTR is decaying. We are not suggesting new plays with MSTR under $95.00. More conservative traders may want to raise their stop loss toward today's low (92.76).

Picked on July 02 at $ 97.52
Change since picked: - 3.95
Earnings Date 07/27/06 (unconfirmed)
Average Daily Volume = 333 thousand


Union Pacific - UNP - close: 90.83 chg: -1.29 stop: 87.45

UNP is suffering from the same weakness that hit BNI today. Although shares of UNP look a little better with a bounce from the $90.00 level this afternoon. Traders can use a bounce from $90 as a new entry point tomorrow or wait for a most past $92.00 before considering new calls. Conservative traders might want to tighten their stops toward today's low (89.84). Our target is the $96.00-97.00 range. The P&F chart is bullish with a bounce from support and a $110 target. We do not want to hold over the July earnings report.

Picked on June 29 at $ 91.54
Change since picked: - 0.71
Earnings Date 07/20/06 (unconfirmed)
Average Daily Volume = 1.6 million


Wynn Resorts - WYNN - close: 72.11 chg: -0.23 stop: 69.75

Some of the technical indicators are starting to fade toward bearish signals. The lack of follow through on yesterday's bounce doesn't help matters. In reality it looks like traders are just waiting for tomorrow's jobs report. Look for another most past $73.00 or today's high (73.08) before considering new longs. Our target is the $79.50-80.00 range. The P&F chart has a spread triple-top breakout buy signal with an $86 target. We do not want to hold over the early August earnings report.

Picked on June 29 at $ 73.64
Change since picked: - 1.53
Earnings Date 08/02/06 (unconfirmed)
Average Daily Volume = 1.0 million

Put Updates

Apple Computer - AAPL - close: 55.72 chg: -1.28 stop: 60.05

AAPL is showing relative weakness today with a 2.2% loss and a close near last week's lows. Some of the news today suggested that today's loss was fueled by news that Microsoft (MSFT) was going to release a competitor for the iPod but this is not new news. We remain bearish on the stock but tomorrow's jobs report could send shares either direction. Our target is the $50.50-50.00 range.

Picked on June 28 at $ 56.85
Change since picked: - 1.13
Earnings Date 07/19/06 (unconfirmed)
Average Daily Volume = 33.1 million


Amgen Inc. - AMGN - close: 65.94 chg: 0.45 stop: 67.05 *new*

AMGN is still creeping toward resistance at its 50-dma (66.95). We are going to lower our stop loss to $67.05. We're not suggesting new bearish positions at this time. Our target is the $62.65-62.25 range.

Picked on June 05 at $ 67.48
Change since picked: - 1.54
Earnings Date 07/18/06 (unconfirmed)
Average Daily Volume = 8.9 million


Digital River - DRIV - cls: 41.26 change: 0.30 stop: 42.05

There is no change from yesterday's update. Volume continues to come in very light for DRIV. The stock has been bouncing around the $40-42 range for a while. If the market responds positively to the jobs report we would expect DRIV to react with a breakout over $42.00. We are not suggesting new plays and more conservative traders might just want to cut their losses early right here! Currently our target is the $35.25-35.00 range. The P&F chart is bearish and points to a $26 target.

Picked on June 19 at $ 39.45
Change since picked: 1.80
Earnings Date 07/19/06 (unconfirmed)
Average Daily Volume = 1.0 million


Intl. Bus. Mach. - IBM - cls: 78.09 chg: 0.32 stop: 78.75

IBM is still consolidating sideways as investors wait for the jobs report. If the report is positive and the market responds then we expect to be stopped out at $78.75. Our target is the $73.50 level. We do not want to hold over the mid July earnings report.

Picked on June 06 at $ 78.75
Change since picked: - 0.66
Earnings Date 07/18/06 (unconfirmed)
Average Daily Volume = 5.2 million


IDEXX Labs - IDXX - close: 74.97 chg: -0.34 stop: 78.05

Same story, different stock. IDXX is consolidating sideways as traders wait for tomorrow's economic report. We're not suggesting new plays at this time. Our conservative target at $75.25 has already been hit and we're now aiming for the $72.00 level.

Picked on June 12 at $ 77.95
Change since picked: - 2.98
Earnings Date 07/28/06 (unconfirmed)
Average Daily Volume = 144 thousand

Strangle Updates


Dropped Calls

Reynolds American - RAI - cls: 118.95 chg: 4.59 stop: 109.69

Target achieved. Shares of RAI and Dow-component Altria (MO) reacted strongly to news that the Florida Supreme court overturned a $145 billion verdict against the tobacco industry. Shares of RAI spiked to a new all-time high of $120.99 this morning before paring its gains. Our conservative target at $115.00 was hit a few days ago and today's rally hit our aggressive target at the $119.00 mark.

Picked on June 15 at $111.15
Change since picked: 7.80
Earnings Date 07/26/06 (unconfirmed)
Average Daily Volume = 632 thousand

Dropped Puts


Dropped Strangles



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