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Hello Troops,

Well, I might have stumbled on something here. It's not going to make us rich, but it's better than sitting with our fingers stuck . . . .

Look at the OEX. It seems to be in the middle of its range, trading about 565. So lets:

Sell 15 July OEX 535 puts
Buy 15 July OEX 525 puts
Credit of about $.45 ($675)

Sell 15 July OEX 585 calls
Buy 15 July OEX 595 calls
Credit of about $.50 ($750)

Total net credit and profit potential of about $.95 ($1,420). Maximum profit range of 535 to 585. Maintenance is $15,000.

In this market environment, there just isn't a lot of premium to be had. This looks relatively safe. Remember to adjust the number of contracts to your account size. And, be sure to use a broker that holds maintenance on only ONE of the spreads.

Good luck and trade smart!


By the way, the July (Philadelphia) seminar is filling up. If you're going to take trading seriously, you should come join us. You'll learn a lot and have a great time. And the price is right! Send me an email at Contact Support if you want more information.

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