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Hello Fellow Couch Potatoes,

Well, this couch potato has become deep fried after spending a total of 36 hours traveling to Davao City -- one of the nicest cities in the Philippines. The good news is that the place where I'm staying has cable TV. It even has a remote control.

Today, I have internet access at an Internet Cafe, but my postings will be scattered in the next few weeks (as I told you in previous columns) as I will be exploring the interesting sites and people of the Philippines (one in particular, but she won't let me write her name).

The only CPTI position we had that was even close to being threatened was the 1265/1280 bear call spread on the SPX. However, it looks like it's under control, at least for the time being.

There won't be any quickies this month, so save your money. I'll be looking for the top side bear call spreads of some of our bull put spreads. If you decide to get daring, make sure you give yourself a heck of a cushion. It appears the upward trend is winding down, but don't get aggressive. Believe me, the market will find a way to have you for lunch.

Take care and I'll write again as soon as I can.


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