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Good Morning,

Yesterday the CPTI world really came out in force to get into the RUT Iron Condor trade I sent out. Just look at these contract volume numbers from Monday.

August 630 Put 891
August 620 Put 875

August 780 Call 717
August 790 Call 922

I think we can take credit for the vast majority of those number inasmuch as no other strikes near us were even close in volume. The RUT traded in a relatively narrow range on Monday, bouncing a little -- just enough for CPTI traders to get their fills. One trader put on 40 contracts, but most were smaller 10, 15, and 20 contract quantities.

As is the norm, some traders got more premium than what was suggested, some the suggested amount and some a little less. Either way, it should be a good trade with a high probability of success.

For those who may not have been filled, the RUT hasn't moved much. That means that you have a good shot at getting filled today. But, you may have to be a bit flexible.

It's gratifying to know that loyal Couch Potato Traders are with the program and making money. That's what it's all about.

Have a great day and trade smart!!


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