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ARE YOUR MAINTENANCE DOLLARS AVAILABLE YET?Just a reminder to check your brokerage account. Why? Because the SPX settlement number was released a little while ago (1300.26). That means that all the SPX positions in our CPTI portfolio have expired worthless -- or technically will by day's end.

If you have a progressive broker, the maintenance dollars that had been held against our credit spreads should be available for trading this afternoon (if you so choose). If you don't have a broker that releases those funds, you should give serious thought to making a change.

We had a 12 contract SPX bull put spread ($18,000 maintenance) and another 12 contract SPX Iron Condor ($18,000 maintenance). That's $36,000 that you can use for trading - TODAY!!

The advantage of trading on Friday, as opposed to waiting until Monday, is that there will likely be more premium available on Friday. Why? Because, if you wait until Monday, two more days of time premium will have eroded away from options you may want to sell. It might be a nickel or a dime, but you'd be surprised how those nickels and dimes add up.

Now, I don't mean go out and force a trade. You only want to trade if it meets your criteria. Use common sense and don't be greedy.

In my Sunday column we get to add up all the profits from the August cycle. That's the fun part. Take care, trade smart, and have a great weekend.


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