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Morning Gang,

Just looked at the MID option chain. I know hundreds of you have the MID November 690/680 bull put spread. We took in a reasonable amount of money on it. The market has moved considerably higher since then.

If you need to free up trading capital, you could conceivably throw out an order to close that spread for $.15. If you get filled, you've locked in a $.60 profit -- if you got $.75.

If you don't close it, what it amounts to is that you're going to wait the next four weeks for about $.15. It all depends on your account size and if you need the funds for something else.

It's just a thought. It's not an official recommendation. I just want you to get used to watching for opportunities and for you to learn to be flexible in your trading. I will definitely come in handy.

Good luck and trade smart!!


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