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The "Right Broker"

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Dear Couch Potato Subscriber,

You often hear Mike Parnos talk about the "Right Broker."

Recently, a new brokerage has entered the scene that finally makes the choice easy. Lets review the checklist requirements for to trade the Couch Potato Trader:

1) Maintence or Margin requirements should only be on one side of the Iron Condor.

CHECK! - OptionsHouse only requires margin on one side of the Iron Condor.

2) On the S&P 500 index, margin requirements should be freed up by the Friday after Thursday's expiration, so you can quickly put your money back to work.

CHECK! - OptionsHouse frees up maintenance so you can trade another spread on the Friday immediately after expiration.

3) The Right Broker should provide an easy trade-link button that makes order entry a snap.

CHECK! - OptionsHouse.com is the ONLY brokerage that provides this service to Couch Potato Traders.

4) The Right Broker should only charge $10 bucks for each options trade, no matter how many contracts you trade.

CHECK! - OptionsHouse.com is leading the industry in offering better execution at lower commission prices then any other brokerage.

As you know, when it comes to trading, speed and ease are the keys to beating the market. That's why Couch Potato has partnered with OptionsHouse.com to help you trade our recommendations faster and easier than ever.

Starting today, Couch Potato traders can launch trading tickets on the trades we recommend with a single click via our new OptionsHouse tradelink button.

Of course, you'll need an OptionsHouse account to take advantage of this great capability. A radically new online brokerage, OptionsHouse provides its clients with stock and options execution for a low, flat fee of $9.95 per trade and technology that Barron's recently called "impressive, especially for those interested in trading options."[1]

Fore more information on OptionsHouse, the benefits it offers, and how to use Couch Potato's new OptionsHouse tradelink button, go to http://www.optioninvestor.com/brokerage/optionhouse.aspx.


Option Investor Brokerage Team


[1] Barron's, January 15, 2007. Based on availability of quotes and options chain look-ups and option specific tools.

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