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Hi Gang,

It's almost 11 am (ET). Only about 3 hours to go to the Fed announcement. The OEX is at about 695.

Our hypothetical Siamese condor is giving us a chance to close it for about $18.50, maybe a little less. Remember, we took in 24 points. That would let us lock in a profit of $.5.50 (x 4 contracts = $2,200).

The questions is, do you want to hold it over the announcement? There is a chance of more substantial profits -- IF the OEX stays under control. But, is it worth risking the $2,200 that could be in your pocket right now?

Decisions, decisions, decisions . . .

Trade smart,


P.S. I know that, even though I submit these trades as "hypothetical," that doesn't prevent some of you from placing the trades. Just be careful - don't be greedy and don't have unrealistic expectations.

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