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Treasury Budget

The United States Treasury Budget is a monthly account of the U.S. government’s surplus or deficit. The budget is normally released on the 15th workday of the month that follows the reporting period; it is provided by the Department of Treasury.

As monthly changes in the federal fiscal situation are difficult to interpret, the markets are more affected by longer-term trends in the federal budget. The items of highest concern include the fiscal year-to-date federal budget deficit or surplus and the year-over-year growth in fiscal year-to-date revenues and outlays.

The major data sources are monthly accounting reports by Federal entities and disbursing officers and daily reports from Federal Reserve banks. These reports detail accounting transactions affecting receipts and outlays of the Federal Government and off-budget Federal entities, and their related effect on the assets and liabilities of the U.S. Government.

Although the Treasury Budget is highly volatile on a month-to-month basis and is often difficult to interpret, it does provide a thorough and timely account of the federal fiscal situation.