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Options Trading on Industry Group and Individual commodities

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It's about 7 pm in the afternoon and you just heard that oil prices have hit a new all-time high or you have a feeling that gold prices are going to go through the roof. You still in your chair and think to yourself, "I sure wish I could participate in an individual commodity like that or even have an opportunity to participate in the biotech industry or the software industry, telecommunications. The want list goes on. Stop right there! You can do it all with options. For some of you that have only traded individual stock issues the CBOE and the other exchanges have all kinds of opportunities for you to participate in this industry groups or with these individual commodities. The option industry has always realized that there are individuals who are looking for opportunities to participate in these areas of investment. Just to give you an idea as to what is available, let's examine a list of some of these indexes that trade options on popular individual commodities or popular industry groups.

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