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Last November when I sat down to write this promotion for the 2012 EOY we were facing the fiscal cliff, the Greek debt crisis, the continuing recession n Europe and the slowdown in China. Even with all those factors many of the major analysts were going out on a limb with their 2013 predictions.

Bank of America had just released their optimistic predictions for the S&P for 2013. They were expecting a rally to 1,600. S&P Capital IQ was predicting 1,550 and Canaccord Genuity was really out there with a target of 1,650. The S&P on November 16th was 1,343. Predicting a rally to 1,600 or even 1,650 was a real leap of faith.

Little did anyone know that before the year was out the year end predictions would be closer to 1,850 than 1,650.

The S&P is up +26.7% as of Thanksgiving with a year to date gain of +381 points. The Nasdaq rose +33.9% and the Russell 2000 gained +34.4%. The Dow may be setting new record highs every day but it is still the laggard at a +22.8% gain for the year.

That brings us to 2014. Obviously nobody knows where we are going but the forecasts are bordering on unbelievable. Recent analyst estimates range from 2,050 to 2,200 by year end. That high estimate would be a gain of another 400 points!

The catalyst for 2014 gains include an improving earnings picture in the USA. Q3 earnings easily beat estimates and surprised to the upside. Earnings estimates for Q4 are actually rising as the quarter progresses. That has not happened in over a year.

Economics are improving despite the volatility from report to report. The Fed is making noises about slowing QE but most knowledgeable analysts are predicting some form of QE for the majority of 2014. They may taper but not at a rapid pace. The rest of the world's currencies would be damaged significantly by a rapid end to QE so the Fed will have to stretch it out once it starts.

The new Fed Chairman Janet Yellen is even more dovish than Bernanke. Under her watch we could possibly see even more QE if the economy began to stumble.

Whether QE is right or wrong for the economy is hotly discussed but QE is good for the stock market. Continued QE suggests stocks will continue higher in 2014.

Businesses are becoming more bullish in their outlook. Acquisitions are soaring and stock buybacks are rampant. Both are good for stock prices.

Eventually the U.S. economy is going to catch fire and accelerate. 2014 could be the year.

While nobody can accurately predict market direction the long term trend is normally up. Obviously you can't benefit from the next market rally if you are not in the market. If you are in the market we hope you will be reading the Option Investor Newsletter for market guidance and winning option plays.

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