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OK, oil spiked $10.75 on Friday but so what? The information below is the important stuff.

The Association for the Study of Peak Oil (ASPO) is holding their annual three-day conference in Sacramento on September 21-23. This is 2.5 full days of up to date information on the current status of peak oil, how to invest for it, live with it and what the future holds. There will be dozens of speakers from all over the world whose names you would recognize instantly on the news. For me this is the most important conference I go to every year. Our readers are always asking questions about what the future holds and how we should plan for it. This seminar covers all the bases from the current status of production, reserves and declines to where the problems are starting to appear. I can't emphasize enough how informative and educational this conference will be. I have attended for the last three years and I would not miss it for the world. The cost is $375 and that is actually the cost of the food, speakers and meeting rooms. ASPO is non-profit with a goal to spread the word about Peak Oil and Gas. They don't make a dime on the event.

There is only seating for 250 people and it always fills up fast.

Plan on meeting me there and we can spend three days discussing what we are learning and planning on how to profit from it. Follow this link to register. Be sure to put my name in the "How did you hear box" so we can all be grouped together. Send me an email after you register (Jim at OptionInvestor.com) so I can put you on my mailing list for updates and discussion plans. I cannot stress how important this conference is. The general public has no clue about what is coming. I have been educating you for 4 years and this is where I go to learn. Go here to register:



Jim Brown

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