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EBAY - $41.66 ** No stop **

EBAY traded sideways again for the second week and is following the weakness in the Nasdaq and the Internet sector. $41 appears to be support and $43 resistance. No change in outlook.

Ebay is the only net stock that will consistently continue to improve earnings long term. Their model is self-perpetuating and will continue to grow and expand as they move into other countries. Ebay dropped in January when they said they were going to spend more money on expanding their business. As an investor that is what I would want them to say but the massive profit accumulated in the stock over the last year was too much for traders to risk. There was a substantial drop from which Ebay is just now beginning to recover.

Ebay split 2:1 on the 17th of February and there was very little post split depression. I believe the retail traders picked up the slack and were happy to buy Ebay at $42 rather than the $100+ from early January.

Buy 2006 $45 LEAP Call YRL-AI @ $5.00
Buy 2007 $45 LEAP Call OYI-AI @ $8.50

Insurance put:
Buy APRIL $40 Put XBA-PH @ $1.25

Entry $42.24 (02/28)

EBAY Chart


TOL $90.00 Toll Brothers ** No Stop **

Toll Brothers blew away earnings and raised estimates and the entire sector benefited. Our entry worked out well and we are already profitable with the spring buying season just ahead. I am sure we will see some eventual profit taking but we are in a good position already to weather any storm.

Toll Brothers is unique in that it does not just build homes. This gives them a broader revenue base than many other builders and should insulate them from any softness ahead.

Toll Brothers overview: Source - company press release.

Toll Brothers, Inc. is the nation's leading builder of luxury homes. The Company began business in 1967 and became a public company in 1986. The Company serves move-up, empty-nester, active-adult and second-home home buyers and operates in 21 states.

Toll Brothers builds luxury single-family detached and attached home communities, master planned luxury residential resort-style golf communities and urban low-, mid- and high-rise communities, principally on land it develops and improves. The Company operates its own architectural, engineering, mortgage, title, land development and land sale, golf course development and management, home security, landscape, cable T.V. and broadband Internet delivery subsidiaries. The Company also operates its own lumber distribution, and house component assembly and manufacturing operations.

2006 $85.00 LEAP Call YKW-AQ @ $11.60

Insurance put
March $80.00 Put TOL-OP @ $2.25

Entry $84.10 (02/20)


RYL - $70.75 Ryland Group ** No stop **

Ryland returned to its highs on Friday after a weak of easing on higher interest rates. No challenge here, just profit taking at new highs.

Ryland is one of the countries largest homebuilders and was recently added to the S&P-500. Ryland currently builds in 27 markets across the country and also acts as a mortgage lender. Net income has increased +400% over the last four years and estimates are continuing to increase but RYL trades at a PE of only 10. Ryland sold 16,880 homes in 2004, which was an increase of 1,683 over the prior year.

They recently announced 13 new planned communities around Las Vegas, currently the fastest growing market in the U.S.

2006 $70 LEAP Call YRX-AN @ $7.90

Insurance put
Mar-$60.00 Put RYL-OL @ $0.80

Entry $65.00 (02/11)


PCAR - Paccar Inc $76.28 ** Stop loss $73.00 **

PCAR has broken over strong resistance at $75 and our next target here is even stronger resistance at $80. Two months of consolidation appear to be over and a positive Nasdaq would definitely help.

Paccar is the number two maker of heavy-duty trucks with two of their major brands being Peterbilt and Kenworth. Paccar produced a company record of 124,000 trucks in 2004 as healthy freight volume pushed demand. Earnings were announced on Feb-1st and revenue increased +44% and earnings +52%. The company said sales continue to be strong with an expected 15% jump in total truck sales in the U.S. in 2005 and a +5% jump in Europe. Market share in North America increased to +24% on heavy-duty trucks and 9.4% on medium duty vehicles.

Paccar had risen from $52 last January to $81 at the close of 2004. Like all the other winners they were hit hard by profit taking and knocked back to $68.50 on Jan-28th. After two weeks of sideways consolidation they have started to move higher once again. This is a stable company with very strong earnings and growth and should be a target of fund managers once the techs move into overbought territory. $70 appears to be holding as support and hopefully a launching point.

2006 $70.00 LEAP Call YYQ-AN @ $8.80
2006 $75.00 LEAP Call YYQ-AO @ $6.30

Stop loss $73.00

Entry point $71.80 (02/07)


ADSK - Autodesk Inc $29.14 ** Stop loss $27.50 **

Autodesk is stuck in an increasingly narrow range with a minor bias to the sell side. Our stop is -1.50 from the current price and I am willing to hold as long as support at $28.50 holds.

Autodesk is the worlds biggest software design maker and the stock has made quite a few investors a lot of money. In 2004 the stock rose from $12 to $39 for a +209% gain. Needless to say the company was hammered once the calendar expired and it dropped to a low of $26 on profit taking. On January 24th, the low for the current market and after a 33% January drop the company was downgraded on valuation my Banc of America. BAC was late to the party but ADSK saw another -12% drop on the news. Smith Barney retaliated that the concerns over share price had already been factored in with the January selling and suggested there was upside potential.

In November ADSK raised guidance for 2006 above analysts estimates and nothing has change from the company. A string of positive press releases continue to paint a picture of business is booming. Earnings are Feb-22nd so we do have event risk but I would like to think the risk is to the upside. The 100-day average has proved to be support in January as is did last August.

Autodesk does not have leaps. Since the normal time in a leap trade is only about two-three months I decided to enter the play with the July $32.50 call instead at $3.20. It is cheaper than a leap and plenty of time to play. The July $30 call is only $4.40 and it is already $1.33 in the money.

I am not going to recommend an insurance put because of the cheap calls. The closest strike at $30 makes the March put $1.60. I can't see paying $1.60 to insure a $3.20 position.

July $30.00 Call ADQ-GF @ $4.40
July $32.50 Call ADQ-GZ @ $3.20

No insurance put

Stop loss $27.50

Entry point $31.33 (02/07)


DGX - Quest Diagnostic $100.29 ** Stop loss $96.00 **

Quest finally closed over $100 and we could be looking at a breakout from four weeks of consolidation. A move up from here could be very strong as shorts cover over $100.

Quest announced a +21% increase in earnings in January and soared from $89.50 to just over $96 in a week. Instead of consolidating those gains it just keeps moving higher. We entered DGX on Jan-21st as it was moving lower and touched support at the 100-day average at $90. Three days later the rocket ride began from $89. The trick now is to stay far enough away from the price to keep from getting stopped but not give back all of our gains.

Quest Diagnostics Incorporated is the nation's leading provider of diagnostic testing, information and services, providing insights that enable healthcare professionals to make decisions that improve health. The company offers the broadest access to diagnostic testing services through its national network of laboratories and patient service centers, and provides interpretive consultation through its extensive medical and scientific staff.

Quest Diagnostics is also the leading provider of esoteric testing, including gene-based medical testing, and provides advanced information technology solutions to improve patient care. (Source DGX)

2006 $95 LEAP Call YFK-AS @ $6.40

Insurance put
Feb-$85 Put DGX-NQ @ 50 cents expired worthless.

Entry $91.00 (01/21)


IBM - IBM $92.35 ** LEAP Call Dropped **

IBM is not showing any strength and big cap techs are slowly sliding into oblivion. I am dropping IBM as a call but keeping the insurance put with a target of $88 for an exit.

2006 $100 LEAP Calls WIB-AT @ $5.00, exit $2.80, -2.20

Insurance put
April $90 Put IBM-PR @ $1.40 Target $88 for an exit

Entry $94.00 (01/13)


ADBE - Adobe Systems $63.82 ** Stop $60.00 **

Adobe finally found a bid and is back near its recent highs. We need a break over $65 to get the shorts moving again. A positive Nasdaq would really help.

Adobe is the king of the document and image business and continues to announce new products. The company announced earnings in December that rose +33% and beat estimates. Income for the year rose +69% on a +29% increase in revenue. Adobe affirmed guidance for 2005 and the stock has been beating the Nasdaq in percentage gains. In 2004 the stock rose +60%. Since they have already announced earnings we have very little event risk over the next month.

I recommended the February $55 put as insurance at 80 cents. That gave us six weeks for the Q1 earnings to cycle and for ADBE to pick a direction. If we are not profitable by Feb-18th expiration we will close and take our lumps.

Jan-06 $60 LEAP Call WAE-AL @ $7.50

Put Insurance
Feb-05 $55 Put AEQ-NK @ 80 cents - expired worthless

Added new insurance on Feb-22nd
Mar-05 $60 Put AEQ-OL @ 75 cents.

Stop loss $60.00

Entry $58.78 (01/09)


SYMC $21.22 Symantec - Veritas ** no stop **

SYMC is slipping and showing no signs of a rebound. I am still not worried despite the confirmed downtrend because of our in the money April $22.50 put. Put this one on the back burner and forget it.

We have a good position here with strong support at $20 and an April $22.50 insurance put. Very little risk and plenty of potential.

I believe that the SYMC/VRTS merger is a match made in heaven and analysts will come to that view as more plans are announced. The companies have no overlapping products but all their products are perfect fits for the others. With one company having anti-virus, data security, backup, recovery and storage management it puts the other stand-alone companies in a very difficult position. EMC and QLGC both fell in the storage sector and Mcafee was crushed in the anti-virus sector.

There is no stop on this position. With the 2007 LEAP Call any minor dips will not result in a material drop in the leap. The April $22.50 insurance put will protect us from any potential disaster. For me this is a buy and forget play.

2007 $25 LEAP Call OBL-AE @ $6.30

Insurance Put
APR-2005 $22.50 PUT SYQ-PX @ $1.15

Entry $25.37 (12/19)


XLE - S&P Energy SPDR $44.91 ** Stop loss $42.00 **

Unbelievable! The XLE continue to make new highs almost daily and we are $10 away from our insurance put at $34. I would consider that a lost cause but well worth it. If profit taking ever appears it could be VERY sharp. With oil rising I am going to keep tightening the stop in order to take us out on the next dip. However, the dip this week was to $43 and I would like to stay just under that new support level.

I instituted a stop because the March insurance put at $34 is so far away from the current price. We are up +$7 on the 2006 LEAP and I don't want to give it back. The $34 put is now worthless and I have no hopes of it ever being close to the money again. I consider it insurance well spent.

The XLE SPDR is composed of 27 energy stocks and represents about 8% of the SPX. This is the 8% that helped push the SPX to the current levels with the rise in oil over the last year. In fact the XLE has far exceeded the SPX in performance over the past year.

2006 $35 LEAP Call WHA-AI @ $3.60
2007 $40 LEAP Call ORJ-AN @ $2.65

Drop insurance: March $34 Put XLE-OH @ $1.00

Entry $35.55 on 12/12



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