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Conoco Phillips
Occidental Petroleum
CVX Chevron Texaco  
WMBWilliams Companies  
FDXFederal Express   
SMH Semiconductor Holders  

Current Watch List

The oil stocks are listed for reference because the actual prices are so far away from where I would like to get an entry. I am hoping for a sharp correction when it comes and the spring demand slumps.

COP - $106 Conoco Phillips

Conoco is my first choice for an oil stock once the current trend eases. I would like to get an entry around the 100-day average now at $91 but rising. This has been a good support level in the past.

OXY - $71.29 Occidental Petroleum

OXY would be my next choice with the same 100-day average as an entry point. That is currently $59.

CVX - $58.30 Chevron Texaco

Looking for a new entry around the 100-day average currently at $55.

WMB - $17.90 Williams Companies

Williams would be my cheap leap candidate due to its low price. Target a drop back to $16 and the 100-day average.


FDX - $99.66 Federal Express

Target $96.00 for an entry on the next pullback.

2006 $100 LEAP Call WFX-AT target $6.50


JNPR - $22.37 Juniper

Watch Juniper for an entry at $20 but no strikes yet. We want to see a base built or at least some evidence it is not going lower.


SMH - $33.52 Semiconductor Holders

Target $33.00 for entry on a dip
Target $35.50 as a breakout entry

2006 $35.00 LEAP Call YRH-AG currently $3.70
2006 $40.00 LEAP Call YRH-AH currently $1.70

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