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I believe we already have the best of the best and any attempt to add more plays just dilutes the potential of the ones we already have.

However, I would suggest looking at EOG and PDS if you need some new meat in your diet. PDS is a slow mover but it is very methodical. There is very little volatility and the trend is definitely up.

EOG is a past play and it appears to be building a wedge at $71 for a potential breakout. We have seen over a week of consolidation and it closed very near a new high on Friday.

I am cautiously optimistic about oil for next week but we have the danger of the Fed meeting and the potential for the markets to head into the September abyss at a high rate of speed. While I am optimistic I do not feel suicidal this week. I want to wait and see what the market brings us. Who knows, we may get a new entry on VLO under $100.

No new plays this week.

Good luck!

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