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Time to Nibble?

No, it is not time to buy energy stocks but I am going to put a couple on the list just in case we do get a real correction in oil prices.

There is no magic here but just good companies that should not be as susceptible to oil volatility as others.

I would love to see a -10% correction in oil prices, which would take oil back to around $64. That may be wishful thinking given the geopolitical problems but at least I can hope.

February and March are typically the slowest demand months of the year for oil and the period where refineries shutdown for maintenance, upgrades and to shift from heating oil to gasoline. Let's hope this year is no exception.

We also have the earnings cycle to deal with and maybe expectations are just a little high for some companies. That would help create some volatility for an entry.

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DO - $81.02 - Diamond Offshore Drilling

Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc. engages principally in the contract drilling of offshore oil and gas wells. As of December 31, 2004, the Company had a fleet of 45 offshore rigs consisting of 30 semisubmersibles, 14 jack-ups and one drillship. Diamond offers a range of services worldwide in various markets, including the deep water, harsh environment, conventional semisubmersible and the jack-up market. Its principal markets for its offshore contract drilling services are the Gulf of Mexico, including the United States and offshore Mexico, Europe, principally the United Kingdom and Norway, South America, Africa and Australia/Southeast Asia. From time to time, its fleet operates in various other markets worldwide. Diamond provides offshore drilling services to a customer base that includes private and independent oil and gas companies and government-owned oil companies.

Breakdown target $72.00
Buy 2007 $80 LEAP VCT-AP


RIG - $78.66 - Transocean Inc

Transocean Inc., formerly known as Sonat Offshore Drilling Inc., is an international provider of offshore contract drilling services for oil and gas wells, related equipment and work crews, primarily on a dayrate basis, to drill oil and gas wells. The Company operates with a particular focus on deepwater and harsh environment drilling services. The Company also provides additional services, including management of third-party well service activities. The Company's transocean drilling segment consists of drillships, semisubmersibles, jackups and other drilling rigs.

Breakdown target $70.00
Buy 2007 $80 LEAP VOI-AP


COP - $64.62 - Conoco Phillips

ConocoPhillips is an integrated energy company. The Company's business is organized into six operating segments. The Exploration and Production segment primarily explores for, produces and markets crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids on a worldwide basis. The Midstream segment gathers and processes natural gas produced by ConocoPhillips and others, and fractionates and markets natural gas liquids. The Refining and Marketing segment purchases, refines, markets and transports crude oil and petroleum products. The LUKOIL Investment segment consists of the Company's equity investment in LUKOIL, an international, integrated oil and gas company. The Chemicals segment manufactures and markets petrochemicals and plastics on a worldwide basis. The Emerging Businesses segment encompasses the development of new businesses, including new technologies related to natural gas conversion into clean fuels and related products, technology solutions, power generation and emerging technologies.

Breakdown target $60.00
Buy 2007 $65 LEAP OJP-AM


SU - $72.72 - Suncor Energy

Suncor Energy Inc. (Suncor), formerly Suncor Inc., is a Canadian integrated energy company that explores for, acquires, develops, produces and markets crude oil and natural gas, transports and refines crude oil and markets petroleum and petrochemical products. Periodically, the Company also markets third-party petroleum products. Suncor also carries on energy trading activities focused principally on buying and selling futures contracts and other derivative instruments based on the commodities the Company produces. The Company has four principal operating business units: Oil Sands; Natural Gas; Energy Marketing and Refining, Canada, and Refining and Marketing, United States of America.

Breakdown target $65.00
Buy 2007 $70 LEAP OYX-AN

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