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MDR McDermott Intl.  - Got away from us

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TODCO (I know, I said no more positions)

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TODCO is a provider of contract oil and gas drilling services, primarily in the United States Gulf of Mexico shallow water and inland marine region, an area that TODCO refers to as the United States Gulf Coast. TODCO operates a fleet of drilling rigs in the United States Gulf Coast, which include 64 drilling rigs consisting of 27 inland barge rigs, 24 jackup rigs, three submersible rigs, one platform rig, and nine land rigs. Forty-eight of these rigs are located in shallow and inland waters of the United States with the remainder in Angola, Colombia, Mexico, Trinidad and Venezuela. TODCO reports the results of those operations in four business segments which, for its contract drilling services, correspond to the principal geographic regions, in which TODCO operates: United States Inland Barge Segment, United States Gulf of Mexico Segment, Other International Segment and Delta Towing Segment.

I know I said no more positions but after seeing the chart when I was writing about Transocean today I could not resist.

Breakdown target $39
Breakout target $41

Buy 2009 $40 LEAP ZYU-AI

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