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CMP - Compass Minerals

HES - Hess Corp

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HLX - Helix Energy Solutions

Company Info:

Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc. (Helix) is an international offshore energy company providing reservoir development solutions and other contracting services to the energy market, as well as to other oil and gas properties. Helix operates in the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, Asia Pacific and Middle East regions. The Contracting Services segment utilizes the vessels and offshore equipment that when applied with the methodologies reduce finding and development (F&D) costs. The Oil and Gas segment is engaged in prospect generation, exploration, development and production activities. On December 11, 2007, the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary Cal Dive (CDI) completed the acquisition of Horizon Offshore, Inc. (Horizon). In July 2007, the Company acquired the remaining 42% interest in Well Ops SEA Pty Ltd. On September 30, 2007, Helix 30% working interest in the Phoenix oilfield, the Boris oilfield and the Little Burn oilfield to Sojitz GOM Deepwater, Inc. (Sojitz).

Breakdown trigger: $8.50

BUY 2010 $10 LEAP Call WAI-AB

Breakout trigger: $11.50

BUY 2010 $20 LEAP Call WAI-AD

ENER - Energy Conversion Devices

Company Info:

Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. (ECD) commercializes materials, products and production processes for the alternative energy generation, energy storage and information technology markets. The Company designs, manufactures and sells photovoltaic (PV) products, known as PV or solar laminates that generate renewable energy by converting sunlight into electricity. Solar laminate sales represent more than 90% of the Company’s revenues. It also receive fees and royalties from licensees of its nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery technology and sell high-performance nickel hydroxide used in NiMH batteries. It has two principal joint ventures that are commercializing technologies invented by ECD: Cobasys LLC, which manufactures and sells rechargeable NiMH batteries, and Ovonyx, Inc., which is commercializing phase-change memory devices through licensing and joint development agreements. The Company operates its business in two segments: United Solar Ovonic and Ovonic Materials.

Breakdown trigger: $35

BUY 2010 $50 LEAP Call KYU-AJ

CMP - Compass Minerals

Company Info:

Compass Minerals International, Inc. (Compass) is a salt producer in North America and the United Kingdom. As of December 31, 2007, the Company operated 10 production and packaging facilities, including the rock salt mine in Goderich, Ontario and a salt mine in the United Kingdom in Winsford, Cheshire. The Company’s product lines include salt and sulfate of potash, and it operates a records management business. Salt consists of sodium chloride, potassium chloride and magnesium chloride. These products are used for highway deicing, dust control, consumer deicing, water conditioning, consumer and industrial food preparation, agricultural and industrial applications. In addition, Compass is a producer of sulfate of potash (SOP), which is used in the production of specialty fertilizers for high-value crops and turf. In the United Kingdom, the Company operates a records management business utilizing excavated areas of its Winsford salt mine with two other locations in London, England.

Breakdown trigger: $52.50


Breakout trigger: $60.50

Buy MARCH $70 Call CMP-CN

HES - Hess Corp

Company Info:

Hess Corporation (Hess) is a global integrated energy company that operates in two segments: Exploration and Production (E&P) and Marketing and Refining (M&R). The E&P segment explores for, develops, produces, purchases, transports and sells crude oil and natural gas. These exploration and production activities take place principally in Algeria, Australia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Denmark, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Ghana, Indonesia, Libya, Malaysia, Norway, Russia, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States. The M&R segment manufactures, purchases, transports, trades and markets refined petroleum products, natural gas and electricity. As of December 31, 2007, the Company owned a 50% interest in a refinery joint venture in the United States Virgin Islands, and another refining facility, terminals and retail gasoline stations located on the East Coast of the United States

Breakdown trigger: $56.50

BUY 2010 $70 LEAP Call WHS-AN

Breakout trigger: $62.50

BUY 2010 $80 LEAP Call WHS-AP

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