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POT - Potash

XLE - S&P Sector SPDR

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FXI - iShares China Index

China has been hit hard by the global crash but their GDP is only expected to decline to around 7%. That is still twice anything the U.S. could even hope for over the next two years. China may be feeling our pain but they are still growing fast.

Company Info:

This ETF tracks the 25 largest and most liquid Chinese companies trading on the Hong Kong stock exchange. With assets of some US$3 billion, iShares FXI has its largest holdings in financial services (30%), energy (22%), telecommunications (21%), and business services (13%). iShares FXI has over 60% of its assets concentrated in its top 10 stocks. China Mobile (10.4%) and Petro China (9%) are its two largest holdings, followed by China Life Insurance (8%).

Breakout trigger: $29

BUY 2010 $35 LEAP Call YOF-AI currently $3.60 (11/30)

POT - Potash

POT raised its profit estimates to $12 for 2008 and $16 for 2009. People still need to eat in a recession.

Company Info:

Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. is an integrated fertilizer and related industrial and feed products company. The Company’s potash is produced from six mines in Saskatchewan and one mine in New Brunswick. Of these mines, it owns and operates five in Saskatchewan and the one in New Brunswick. Its nitrogen operations involve the production of nitrogen fertilizers and nitrogen feed and industrial products, including ammonia, urea, nitrogen solutions, ammonium nitrate and nitric acid. It has nitrogen facilities in Georgia, Louisiana, Ohio and Trinidad. The Company’s phosphate operations include the manufacture and sale of solid and liquid phosphate fertilizers, animal feed supplements and industrial acid, which is used in food products and industrial processes. It indirectly holds all outstanding interests in PCS Joint Venture, Ltd., which formerly manufactured, processed and distributed fertilizer and other agricultural supplies from plants located in Florida and Georgia.

Breakdown trigger: $50

BUY 2010 $70 LEAP Call WPT-AN

Breakout trigger: $58

BUY 2010 $80 LEAP Call WPT-AP

XLE - S&P Energy SPDR

Company Info:

The S&P Energy sector SPDR represents about 13% of the S&P-500. Energy companies in this Index primarily develop and produce crude oil and natural gas, and provide drilling and other energy-related services. Leaders in the group include ExxonMobil Corp., Chevron Corp, and ConocoPhillips.

Breakdown trigger: $41

BUY 2010 $50 LEAP Call WHA-AX

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