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About Market Monitor

Would you like to have your own private window on the market with a team of professional traders talking you through the daily market action?

You can and this window on the market is called the Market Monitor.

The Market Monitor is a streaming real time desktop application that allows our staff of professional analysts to communicate to traders the heartbeat of the market.

The Market Monitor is a premium product designed to put more money in your pocket day after day. Once you try the Monitor you will wonder how you ever traded without it.

Do the markets sometimes confuse you as they jump around for no apparent reason? There is a reason and it may not be the reason you hear on the TV news channels.

Do you wish you could capture those moves and turn them into profits? With the Market Monitor you can do just that. The professional traders on the monitor are constantly analyzing and reporting on the twists and turns that give other traders indigestion.

You can sit beside a team of professional traders as they enter and exit positions in real time and copy their moves a dozen times a day. These traders each have a specialty of trading hot stocks, options on indexes, QQQQs or simply equity options with a focus of making you money.

Got a question, fire away! We will answer it in the monitor in real time along with those from other readers. Think of it as your lifeline to the market.

Not only does the Market Monitor enter, exit and discuss trades on a constant basis but with a team of professionals plugged into the market you will get the benefit of breaking news long before it hits the airwaves. Sudden market moves from breaking news stories produce trading events that translates into profits for those that know what is happening when it happens and not 30 min later when CNBC finally reports it.

  • Get real time streaming news as it happens.
  • Profit from real time trades on stocks impacted by current events.
  • Get real time play updates from existing newsletter plays. Exit for a profit when conditions change rather than waiting for the next newsletter for information.
  • Learn where the markets are going and why. Take advantage of many sets of professional eyes as they scan the tape looking for the next failure point or buying opportunity.
  • Dozens of annotated charts on a real time basis give you multiple views of the market action as it happens.
  • You also get real time analysis of those views not just a screen capture of a generic chart. We are here to make you money not confuse you with needless chatter.

The traders in the monitor range from registered professionals to hard core market addicts that live and breathe trading 24 hours a day. They offer multiple technical views on a real time basis complete with annotated charts.

We believe you can't trade what you can't see and you can't make good decisions with only half the news. Join the Market Monitor today and increase your profits!