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Market Monitor Tutorial

Stay Informed With LIVE Market Coverage - Profit From Live Trading Signals

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to have a team of professionals helping spot market turning points and highlighting stocks on the move while the markets were open, then look no further.

The Option Investor Market Monitor is for you!

The Market Monitor is for both the dedicated trader and the information junkie. Like never before, individual traders can listen to a team of dedicated traders and strategists as they analyze in real time the market action while it happens.

Follow the Option Investor team as they comment on current picks and new plays as well as index analysis and streaming news. Serious traders looking to capture major market moves and profit from them using index options will profit from real time market signals.

A separate component of the Market Monitor is the Futures Monitor with multiple types of e-mini futures signals delivered on a real time basis.

The Market Monitor is a streaming full-featured desktop application.

To get started simply click below to download the self-executing installer.

You will be prompted to download the file MM_setup.exe. Save this in a location that is easy to remember like your desktop.


To complete the setup simply double click on the MM_setup.exe file that you just downloaded. Answer yes to the prompts until the installation is complete.

Congratulations! Now click on the MM Icon on your desktop to launch the monitor.

Option Investor

When the monitor launches the initial window will look like this:

Option Investor

At this point you can click on the "Options" tab, "Futures" tab or "Both".

The Options tab provides the Market Monitor window specifically devoted to option plays, index analysis and streaming news.

Option Investor

The Futures tab starts the Futures Monitor component specifically devoted to futures commentary and real time E-mini trading.

Option Investor

If you click the "Both" tab all the commentary will be displayed in a single frame.

The monitor can be sized to fit the desired portion of your screen by grapping the bottom right hand of the frame and moving accordingly.

Available Features

Clicking on the "Window" tab allows the application to "tile" the windows horizontally as shown below or vertically depending on your preference.

Option Investor

Clicking on the "Tools" Tab offers several other features. The "Option Window" allows you to display the list of commentators in a sidebar. Clicking on any individual commentator opens a window with all the commentary from only that analyst.

Option Investor

Option Investor

You can highlight more than one analyst and a separate window will be opened for each. These windows can also be tiled in any format. Once you have the windows open you desire simply close the Monitor Option pane and retile the remaining windows.

Option Investor

Throughout the trading day analysts can post alert messages with an audible alert tone to notify you of something important like a trade initiation or an important news event. You can turn the alert tone on/off by clicking the "Alert" tab and selecting your preference.

Option Investor

Clicking the "Contact Us" opens an email window that allows you to send email to any Option Investor writer or staff person.

Option Investor

Clicking on the "Tools", "Option Investor" tabs allows you to immediately access many of the key Option Investor sections including prior days archives of the Market Monitor.

Option Investor

The "Tools", "Edit Preferences" tab opens a window where changes to user preferences such as Font can be made. Some changes require a restart of the application before they take effect.

Option Investor

Profiting from the Option Investor Market Monitor

Having the best tool is useless without adequate knowledge on how to use it.

The Market Monitor provides market analysis beginning with the Global update at 7:AM ET. This provides a review of the markets around the world plus any news from around the globe that could impact our trading day. This is followed by various pre market events including reporting and analysis of any economic report for the day.

As the market opens the first intraday recap is posted at 9:AM and we are off to the races.

The analysts in the Market Monitor follow the events of the day with a background of news, earnings, economics, national and international events.

Trades are suggested both intraday and long term. Different analysts focus on different vehicles such as the QQQQ, OEX and individual stocks and options on indexes.

Current Option Investor plays are discussed with entry and exit points noted and suggestions for protecting profits. Potential plays are discussed along with entry points and probable movement.v

As the trading day draws to a close the earnings announcements for the day are recapped in the monitor within seconds of their release. You don't have to wait 30 min until CNBC finds a break in their schedule to give you the news. It is listed in the monitor within seconds of the release. Any impact of hits, misses and guidance is discussed along with reactions by other stocks in the sector.

Get a head start on the next day by getting the scoop from the Market Monitor.

Profiting from the Option Investor Futures Monitor

The analysts and traders in the Futures Monitor view the world 23 hours a day from the point of view of E-mini futures. Dow, NDX, S&P and Russell futures are followed with constant analysis of support, resistance and play possibilities.

Multiple trading models are available from scalping NDX futures with multiple trades per day to position trading on the S&P futures with 2- 3 trades per week.

Play parameters are given in multiple methods depending on the trading model and audible alerts are given with each position change.

For instance a developing day trade would be signaled by a message like this:

Potential Day Trade Setup Alert

Resistance on the S&P just ahead at 1195. We will go short ES on a failure at that resistance with a two point stop.

That trade setup would be followed with an execution alert if the play developed as expected.

Day Trade Entry Point Alert

Go SHORT ES now at 1195, stop loss 1197.

This would signify opening a position at 1195 and that position will be followed and updated until closed.

Assuming the position performed as planned and the ES dropped to 1192 a stop update would be issued.

Day Trade Exit Point Alert

Lower stop to 1195 and breakeven, target 1190 for an exit.

An actual exit would look like this.

Day Trade Exit Point Alert

Exiting now at 1190, +5.00

There are multiple models to trade with each trader in the Futures Monitor specializing in a specific model.

If you trade futures or want to learn how to trade futures then this is the place for you.

Catch the action, follow our trades and profit from out commentary!