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Jeff Bailey : 7/6/2006 1:23:12 AM

EIA Weekly Crude Oil, Gasoline and Distillate Inventory Preview Table assuming no net change week-to-week at this Link

Jeff Bailey : 7/6/2006 12:17:38 AM

Dollar Index (dx00y) quiet at 85.59 and DAILY Pivot.

Jeff Bailey : 7/6/2006 12:12:32 AM

YM unchanged at 11,214

Dow Industrials (INDU) Link

S&P 500 ($SPX.X) Link

NASDAQ-100 ($NDX.X) Link

NYSE Comp. ($NYA.X) Link

NASDAQ Comp. ($COMPQ) Link

Jeff Bailey : 7/6/2006 12:08:01 AM

Nikkei-225 ($NIKK) down 155 points, or -1.0% at 15,368 Link

Low/High has been 15,279/15,460

Jeff Bailey : 7/6/2006 12:05:36 AM

Hang Seng ($HSI.X) down 68 points, or -0.42% at 16,199 Link

Session High/Low has been 16,213/16,130

OI Technical Staff : 7/5/2006 9:59:59 PM

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Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 9:36:31 PM

Nikkei-225 ($NIKK) down 210, or -1.36% at 15,314 Link

Session Low/High so far 15,310/15,460

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 9:34:14 PM

YM 11,214 (unch) from Wednesday's settlement of 11,214.

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 9:33:21 PM

YM Pivot Matrix for Thursday at this Link

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 6:40:27 PM

Index Pivot Matrix for Thursday at this Link

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 5:39:40 PM

Current OPEN MM Profiles that I've made at this Link ...

Monday's & Wednesday's Stock/Option Activity

On Monday, traders should have been stopped out, or bought back the one (1) naked Dynamic Materials BOOM July $35 Call (QCB-GG) at the offer of $1.00 when the underlying shares traded $34.30. ($+0.10, or $+10.00/contract)

Today I raise the bullish stop on the 1/2 position for the StreetTracks Gold (GLD) to $61.35.

YM Futures

I did not profile a trade for the YM on Monday (MM was closed) or today.

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 5:02:30 PM

Closing Internals found at this Link

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 4:55:57 PM

Correction to my 03:49:49 Post ... TTWO closes at multi-year low of $10.43, not an all-time low close which was $3.33, set on 12/30/1997

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 4:31:34 PM

Closing U.S. Market Watch found at this Link

August Crude Oil (cl06q) settled up $1.26 at $75.19

August Nat. Gas (ng06q) plunged to settle down $0.339, or -5.55% at $5.765.

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 4:22:15 PM

President Bush: Missile Launch Has Isolated N. Korea Further

Missile Failure Doesn't Diminish N. Korea Issue

International Community Will Hold N. Korea To Account

NATO Would Benefit With Georgia As Member

DJ- President George W. Bush said Wednesday that North Korea's missile tests have further isolated the country from the international community, adding that the apparent failure of a long-range missile didn't dampen his commitment to resolving the issue.

"What the firing of the rockets has done is they've isolated themselves further, and that's sad for the people of North Korea," Bush said after a meeting in the Oval Office with Georgia's President Mikhail Saakashvili.

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 4:17:01 PM

Argentina's June CPI up 0.5% on Month, Up 11.0% on Year

DJ- Inflation in Argentina continued on its moderating path in June, with the monthly increase in consumer prices falling into line with the similarly modest results of the previous month.

According to a report Wednesday from the national statistics agency, INDEC, the consumer price index rose 0.5% in the month of June, the same result seen in May from April. On a year-on-year basis, consumer inflation was at 11.0% in June.

The monthly result is well below the 0.8% consensus forecast contained in the last survey conducted by the Argentine Central Bank. Moreover, the annualized inflation rate marks a considerable deceleration from earlier in the year.

Annual inflation came in at 12.3% last year. But since then, it has eased progressively, reaching 11.5% in May and now dropping half a percentage point in June to 11.0%.

The comparatively benign result will be welcomed by the government, which has used the recent decline in inflation to vindicate its strategy of strong-arming businessmen into industry-based price accords rather than adopting monetary tightening to attack inflation.

However, the government may yet be concerned by the threat of pipeline inflation. The wholesale price index, also reported Wednesday, rose a stronger 0.8% in June from May. On an annualized basis, this meant the wholesale price inflation rate jumped to 12.4% from 11.4% in May.

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 4:15:18 PM

Mexico's Calderon Not Worried About Market Volatility

Jane Fox : 7/5/2006 4:03:50 PM

Tomorrow's Economic Reports include:

7:30a.m. June Challenger Layoffs. Previous: -10.0%.

8:30a.m. Initial Jobless Claims For July 2 Wk. Consensus: +2K. Previous: +4K.

10a.m. May Pending Home Sales. Previous: -3.7%.

10a.m. July Non-Manufacturing ISM Index. Consensus: 59.8. Previous: 60.1.

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 3:54:00 PM

ICE $58.04 -2.19% ... reclaims morning's gap lower open of $58.00.

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 3:50:46 PM

Continental Airlines (CAL) $30.32 +2.77% ... threatens to close at multi-year high.

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 3:49:49 PM

Take-Two Interactive (TTWO) $10.37 -2.16% ... threatens to close at all-time low.

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 3:44:02 PM

Mexican Bolsa IPC Stock Index ($MXX) Down 654.82 points, or 3.22% at 19,675 Link ...

Session High/Low 20,287/19,577

Tab Gilles : 7/5/2006 3:42:39 PM

Murphy Oil (MUR) $56.37 +$0.64 Oil hitting $75 bbl on NK missiles. Link Link

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 3:26:58 PM

Mexican Markets Tumble As Leftist Takes Lead

Reuters Story Link

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 3:24:33 PM

Mexico's Calderon: Would Include Lopez Obrador In Cabinet

DJ- Mexico's ruling-party presidential candidate told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he would be willing to include his leftist rival in his Cabinet, claiming he narrowly won the closest presidential race in Mexico's history.

In an exclusive interview, Felipe Calderon said he would be willing to give Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador an unspecified post, but doesn't think the leftist candidate would accept.

The interview came just as Lopez Obrador's party said it won't concede the presidency without a ballot-by-ballot recount.

"The election doesn't depend on" Lopez Obrador's party, Calderon said, apparently referring to the fact an independent electoral agency oversees the process.

He said that he hadn't talked to Lopez Obrador since the election.

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 3:22:01 PM

Mexico Leftist Candidate Leading In Final Vote Count With 35% Poll Station Results In

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 3:19:09 PM


Jane Fox : 7/5/2006 3:18:18 PM

Dateline WSJ Light, sweet crude-oil futures gained $1.26 to $75.19 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange, hitting an all-time settlement high, boosted by concerns about North Korea's missile test. Oil topped the previous high of $75.17 set on April 21.

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 3:13:27 PM

03:00 Internals found at this Link

Jane Fox : 7/5/2006 3:04:58 PM

Dateline WSJ Neither resurgent inflation nor a housing slowdown is likely to throw the economy completely off track, but they will make life a lot tougher for Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, economists said in a new survey.

The Wall Street Journal's latest survey of 56 forecasters, conducted in mid-June, suggests an economy at a crossroads, with growth looking set to slow but inflation accelerating. That makes the Fed's actions on short-term interest rates the biggest question mark in many economists' outlooks, because the central bank faces the difficult task of figuring out which is more important: putting a lid on prices or keeping the economy humming.

We know the Fed's grappling with these two problems, the weak growth and the high inflation," says Ethan Harris, chief U.S. economist at Lehman Brothers in New York. "There's a lot of uncertainty about which war they're going to fight."

The consensus forecast of the 56 economists is that growth in real gross domestic product -- a broad measure of economic activity, adjusted for inflation -- will ease to an annualized 2.9% in the second half of 2006. That compares with an annualized 5.6% in the first quarter and an expected 2.8% in the second quarter, which would bring first-half growth to about 4.2%. By the first half of next year, growth would cool further to 2.7%, the slowest rate since mid-2003.

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 3:02:50 PM

03:00 Market Watch found at this Link

Jane Fox : 7/5/2006 3:00:49 PM

(AP) -- Israel stepped up pressure Wednesday on Hamas militants who launched improved, longer range rockets into the heart of a major Israeli city, authorizing the army to enter populated areas in the northern Gaza Strip.

The planned invasion threatened to be far bloodier than Israel's week-old offensive in Gaza aimed at freeing an abducted soldier.

Our poor world!

Jane Fox : 7/5/2006 2:58:17 PM


Jane Fox : 7/5/2006 2:56:54 PM

CHICAGO, July 5 /PRNewswire/ -- The Options Industry Council (OIC) announced today that total options trading volume in June reached 170,749,224 contracts, a 49.5 percent increase over the year-ago level of 114,175,409 contracts.

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 2:55:39 PM

Chicago Merc (CME) $504.39 +1.51% Link ... Notable 52-weeker at the big board.

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 2:54:38 PM

Marvell Falls On SEC Inquiry Letter

DJ- Shares drop 7% as Marvell Technology receives letter of informal inquiry from SEC and a grand jury subpoena from office of U.S. Attorney for Northern District of California relating to its stock option grants and practices.

MRVL $41.69 -7.02% Link ...

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 2:49:52 PM

Oil Serv. HOLDRs (OIH) 151.70 (unch) Link ...

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 2:46:03 PM

Index Pivot Matrix (alert) with SMH substitution for SOX.X at this Link

SMH $32.57 -2.30% ...

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 2:38:06 PM

ICE $57.58 -2.96% ... set to test morning's gap open of $58.00

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 2:23:20 PM

iShares Japan (EWJ) $13.46 -3.02% Link ... 1% box scale Link

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 2:15:25 PM


DJ- Carrier raises fares by $3 or $10 for one-way trips - one of its largest increases ever - and boosts limit on its refundable fare to $319. Weekend fare hike was fourth broad fare hike by Southwest this year and ninth in the past two years.

LUV $16.68 +1.27% Link

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 2:09:44 PM


DJ- Auto maker's board will meet by teleconference to discuss pursuing an alliance with Renault and Nissan and to outline progress of the company's ongoing restructuring actions.

GM $29.51 +0.34% Link

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 2:06:18 PM

Japan Asks For UN Sanctions On N. Korea Over Missile Tests

DJ- Japan called for sanctions against North Korea in a United Nations resolution Wednesday that would condemn a series of missile launches by the reclusive communist nation and urge the immediate return to six-party talks on its nuclear program.

But China and Russia said they favor a weaker council statement without any threat of sanctions, positions that will make it very difficult for Japan and its key allies, the U.S. and the U.K., to get tough measures.

After North Korea defied international appeals and started a series of missile launches, ambassadors from the 15 nations on the Security Council held an emergency meeting to start discussing a response.

A draft resolution circulated by Japan would ban the transfer of funds, material and technology that could be used in North Korea's missile and weapons of mass destruction programs.

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 1:50:26 PM

Semiconductor HOLDRs (SMH) $32.47 -2.60% ... darts to lows of the session. Volume spike of 550,200 last 5-minutes.

Jane Fox : 7/5/2006 1:43:55 PM


Jane Fox : 7/5/2006 1:43:40 PM

* Tenet healthcare (THC) shares set 52-week low of $6.93
* Chico's fas (CHS) shares set 52-week low of $25.86
* Charles River Labs' (CRL) shares set 52-week low of $35.93
* Boston scientific (BSX) shares set 52-week low of $16.30
* Interpublic (IPG) shares set 52-week low of $8.02
* Dollar general (DG) shares set 52-week low of $13.65

Jane Fox : 7/5/2006 1:29:46 PM

Well the bulls pulled this rabbit out of the hat. TRIN to new daily lows and the VIX is almost to new daily lows. AD line is still at -1690 and I don't expect it to get above 0 today.

Jane Fox : 7/5/2006 1:28:36 PM

* Culp (POP) shares set 52-week high of $6.12
* CPI (CPY) shares hit 52-week high of $33.58
* Acadia realty (AKR) shares hit 52-week high of $24.50
* Goodrich Pete (GDP) shares hit 52-week high of $30.25

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 1:27:26 PM

Goldcorp (GG) $31.45 +0.47% ... edges back above WEEKLY R1 ($31.43)

StreetTracks Gold (GLD) $62.40 +0.35% ...

Jane Fox : 7/5/2006 1:25:48 PM


Jane Fox : 7/5/2006 1:25:19 PM


Jane Fox : 7/5/2006 1:20:10 PM

* NYSE volume reaches 812.3m
* NYSE has 672 advancing issues
* NYSE has 2,539 declining issues
* NYSE has 133 issues unchanged
* NYSE has 28 stocks setting 52-week highs
* NYSE has 37 stocks setting 52-week lows
* NASDAQ volume reaches 867.8m
* NASDAQ has 688 stocks moving higher
* NASDAQ has 2,241 stocks moving lower
* NASDAQ has 111 stocks unchanged
* NASDAQ has 20 stocks setting 52-week highs
* NASDAQ has 26 stocks setting 52-week lows

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 1:15:36 PM


Monday's NH/NL 15:4

Friday's NH/NL 22:9

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 1:11:59 PM

01:00 Internals found at this Link

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 1:02:56 PM

01:00 Market Watch found at this Link

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 1:00:28 PM

August Unleaded (hu06q) $2.26 +1.80% ... just off contract highs set earlier today. WEEKLY R1 $2.27 and WEEKLY R2 $2.32.

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 12:53:49 PM

Current OPEN MM Profiles that I've made at this Link

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 12:42:14 PM

U.S. Dollar Index (dx00y) 85.65 ... session high has been 85.76, just a bit above WEEKLY Pivot.

Possible "flight to quality" move for the dollar on last night's geopolitical news out of N. Korea.

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 12:37:48 PM

StreetTracks Gold (GLD) $62.23 +0.08% ... 60-minute interval chart with MONTHLY/WEEKLY Pivot Retracement at this Link

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 12:32:07 PM

Bullish swing trade long raise stop alert for the StreetTracks Gold (GLD) $62.11 -0.11% ... to $61.35.

Jane Fox : 7/5/2006 12:11:45 PM


Jane Fox : 7/5/2006 12:11:37 PM


Jane Fox : 7/5/2006 12:09:20 PM



Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 12:05:24 PM

Secretary of State Rice: Iranian Stalling On Incentives Package Won't Work

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 11:53:38 AM

Intercontinental Exchange Volume Doubled In June

DJ- Electronic energy-trading firm Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) said Wednesday that its average daily volume in ICE futures doubled in June from a year ago, to 353,058 contracts.

It said average daily commissions in its over-the-counter business segment rose 49.6% in June versus a year ago, to $507,647.

The company said it set average daily and monthly volume records in June for its ICE Brent Crude, light sweet crude and WTI Crude contracts.

For the quarter ended June 30, average daily volume for ICE futures rose 113%, to 333,668 from 156,481 in the second quarter of 2005, "marking the exchange's highest volume quarter to date," the company said in a press release.

ICE $56.46 -4.85% Link

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 11:49:33 AM

Japan Envoy: Asks UN For Quick, Strong Action On N. Korea

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 11:45:36 AM

EIA Weekly Nat. Gas Inventory data will be released on Friday between 10:30 AM EDT and 10:40 AM EDT.

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 11:44:12 AM

EIA Weekly Petroleum Inventory data will be released Thursday at 10:30 AM EDT.

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 11:38:29 AM

Treasury Test Call (update) DJ- The Treasury Department on Wednesday issued a test call for entities holding large positions in 4 7/8% two-year Treasury notes maturing May 31, 2008, to report their recent holdings by 12 p.m. EDT next Wednesday.

Entities with positions in this Treasury note of $2 billion or more must report these positions as of close of business June 28, 2006, to the New York Federal Reserve Bank by noon on July 12. The notes have the CUSIP number 912828FG0.

The call is a routine test of the system for discerning positions that large investors hold in U.S. government debt, and it does not reflect suspicious activity in the market, according to a Treasury official, who asked not to be identified further.

"We want to make sure the process works so that when there is something that we're very concerned about...we know that we can get the information quickly," the official said.

The test call is the eighth test Treasury has done since the large position reporting rules went into effect in 1997.

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 11:30:41 AM

Treasury Issues Test Call On Large Positions in 2-Yr Note (alert)

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 11:27:21 AM

Powershares Aerospace & Defense (AMEX:PPA) $16.38 Link ...

Description - The PowerShares Aerospace & Defense Portfolio seeks investment results that correspond generally to the price and yield performance, before fees and expenses, of The SPADE Defense Index. The SPADE Defense Index (DXS) Link is a modified market capitalization weighted index comprised of publicly traded companies that seeks to measure the performance of securities in the defense, homeland security, and space marketplace. There is no assurance that the price and yield performance of the benchmark index for the fund can be fully matched.

Top 10 Holdings ... BA (7.22%), UTX (7.14%), HON (6.57%), LMT (5.81%), GD (4.81%), NOC (4.58%), RTN (4.54%), DTV (4.51%), DISH (4.06%), ITT (3.95%)

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 11:12:21 AM

11:00 Internals found at this Link

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 11:03:36 AM

11:00 Market Watch found at this Link

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 10:40:34 AM


DJ- The 71c a share charge results from Ecuador's May seizure of the company's assets in the South American country. Seizure, which will also result in Occidental cutting its 1Q earnings, followed a political row between the two sides.

Occidental Petroleum (OXY) $101.76 -2.70% Link ...

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 10:35:06 AM


DJ- Redbook Research's indicator of national retail sales increases 1.8% in June from May, slightly below the targeted 1.9% increase. International Council of Shopping Centers chain sales index slips 0.7% in the week to July 1 from the week before.

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 10:33:10 AM


DJ- Atlantic City's 12 casinos forced to shut down for the first time since being legalized in New Jersey three decades ago. Move comes as state lawmakers continue to fight over a new budget.

Harrah's Entertainment (HET) $69.52 -1.39% Link

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 10:29:12 AM

Current OPEN MM Profiles found at this Link

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 10:20:36 AM

Hang Seng ($HSI.X) fell 101 points, or -0.62% to 16,267 Link ... Session High/Low 16,377/16,255

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 10:17:34 AM

Nikkei-225 ($NIKK) fell 114 points, or -0.73% to 15,524 Link ... Session High/Low 15,584/15,480

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 10:14:16 AM


DJ- North Korea launches a seventh missile, say S Korean and Japanese officials, following an earlier test-fire of six ballistic missiles that included a long-range Taepodong 2 missile, in a significant escalation of North Korea's confrontation with the U.S. over its weapons programs. N Korea state media says prepared for any U.S. provocation. Asian markets take a hit following the missile launches, though reaction in Europe is muted.

Jane Fox : 7/5/2006 10:11:44 AM

Kenneth Lay, the former chairman of Enron who was convicted of fraud and conspiracy charges tied to the collapse of the energy-trading giant, died of natural causes in Aspen, Colo., last night.

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 10:08:21 AM

Oil Service HOLDRs (OIH) $148.11 -2.36% ... 134.61, 141.95, Piv= $146.20, $153.54, $157.79

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 10:06:47 AM

Semiconductor HOLDRs (SMH) $32.67 -2.00% ... WEEKLY Pivot Levels (QCharts) ... $30.79, $31.88, Piv= $32.59, $33.68, $34.39.

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 10:05:38 AM

Still not getting data for various PHLX listed indexes.

Jane Fox : 7/5/2006 10:04:52 AM





Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 10:04:17 AM

10:00 Market Watch found at this Link

Jane Fox : 7/5/2006 9:56:05 AM

May factory orders in 5 minutes

Jeff Bailey : 7/5/2006 9:36:01 AM

Swing trade naked call stopped alert ... On Monday, traders should have been stopped on the one (1) naked Dynamic Materials BOOM July $35 Call (QCB-GG) at the offer of $1.00 when the underlying shares traded $34.30.

Jane Fox : 7/5/2006 8:56:47 AM

BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) -- Iran has postponed its talks with the European Union on a package of incentives designed to defuse the standoff over Tehran's atomic program by a day, the EU said Wednesday.

EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana, who had been scheduled to meet Wednesday with Iran's top nuclear negotiator, Ali Larijani, said he was surprised by the move.

"I had made it clear to the Iranians and to Dr. Larijani that we want to proceed rapidly to examine together the ideas I put to him early last month," he said in a statement.

He added that Larijani had assured him they would meet in Brussels on Thursday.

There was no immediate explanation as to what had caused the delay over what could be a crucial round of talks on the package put forward by the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany.

Jane Fox : 7/5/2006 8:36:13 AM

Good Morning all and I hope you all had a great 4th of July. I did!

Economic Reports today include:

10a.m. May Factory Orders. Consensus: +0.3%. Previous: -1.8%.

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