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We are making significant progress on rewriting the missing Market Monitor code and we hope to have a working application for download by subscribers next weekend. I know this has been a major inconvenience for those subscribers who depend on it for intraday market analysis.

I am going to extend every Market Monitor subscription by one month to offset the outage.

Every chapter of this nightmare is more unbelievable than the one before. We learned last week that the managed hosting company that was responsible for the maintenance and operation of the monitor closed their doors and their servers were shut off by the ISP. This prohibited us from recovering any of the monitor code and we had to start from ground zero.

Those problems are behind us now and new servers have been installed here in Denver and are up and running and under our direct control once again.

The new monitor will be faster due to a complete rewrite of the server side application using the new technology available today. The old monitor was written in 2000 when the Internet was still evolving.

Please bear with us for one more week and I am sure you will be happy with the new product.

Jim Brown

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