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Thought I would give everyone an update on the jtHMA indicator I use on the SPX monthly chart. I don't know if it will tell me the bottom of this bear market or not because indicators have a way of falling apart once you figure out how well they work.

Up until 1995 the jtHMA would be red then a few short months later it would turn back green then in short order turn back red so it was not what you would call reliable. Then in 1995 something happened and the market took off and so did the jtHMA until it topped in October 2000. From there the market and the jtHMA started falling until May 2003 when, once again, it took off upward and topped out in February 2008. You could have made a ton of money if you had used this indicator since 1995, but really who knew. I watched the indicator turn back red in February but was able to convince myself it was just a fluke.

I wonder what I will tell myself once the jtHMA turns back green?

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