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Play Editor's Note: I was expecting to find more short-term bullish candidates following the DJIA's bounce from its March lows today. Unfortunately, nothing looked good enough to add to the newsletter and tomorrow is the end of the two-day FOMC meeting, which almost always brings added volatility. Keep an eye on the fertilizer stocks and the coal stocks. Both sectors look like they might be topping out. The fertilizer names could be volatile following MON's earnings tomorrow.

FYI: Keep an eye on LAMR, CTB and SDD. LAMR might be offering an aggressive buy the bounce play now that it has tested the March lows. CTB looks like it's in a death spiral but the stock is testing possible support at its August 2006 lows. I would not be surprised to see CTB bounce back to the $9.50-10.00 zone. Last, the SDD is the Smallcap 600 UltraShort ETF. As the smallcap index goes down the SDD goes up and the smallcaps were really under performing today. A dip back toward $71.00-70.00 in the SDD might be a new entry point to buy it.

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