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Play Editor's Note: I ran out of time tonight to write these up as bullish candidates but I wanted to provide them to you as a watch list. All of these look like they have more potential to the upside.

Stocks I would consider buying:

AMN - The double bounce form $45.00 looks encouraging as does the close over its 50-dma today. You might have to play with a wide stop but I could see a target at $60.00 or higher.

ENR - This one definitely has potential. I would like to see more volume on the rally and there might be some resistance near $42.50. Consider a stop loss under today's low and target the $50.00 area or the 50-dma.

NOC - A lot of the defense stocks are showing strength. NOC has bounced several times now from the $38.00 level. I would be tempted to buy it here but there is potential resistance near $42.00. Another bounce from $38.00 could also be another entry point. Target the 50-dma or the $48.00 region.

MICC - This telecom stock looks poised to breakout from its consolidation. I would consider buying it now with a stop under $35.00. More conservative traders may want to wait for a rally over the $40.00 level. The P&F chart is very close to a new buy signal. I would expect some resistance at the 50-dma but I'd probably target $45.00ish.

A few more stocks that might be bullish candidates are: PDX, ROK, CRDN, BCO, PENN, and KLAC.

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