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Compuware - CPWR - close: 6.57 change: +0.09 stop: 6.29

Why We Like It:
Shares of CPWR have spent months building a bottom between $5.00 and $6.50. Last week finally saw a bullish breakout above this level. Naturally the stock has pulled back to retest prior resistance and it's beginning to bounce again. This is our entry point to buy the stock with a relatively tight stop loss at $6.29. I do see potential resistance at $7.00 but we are aiming for $7.45. The P&F chart is actually still bearish and that suggests that long-term the trend is still down.

Annotated chart:

Picked on December 27 at $ 6.57 
Change since picked:     + 0.00   			
Earnings Date          01/28/09 (unconfirmed)    
Average Daily Volume:       2.9 million     

Hecla Mining - HL - close: 2.48 change: +0.15 stop: 2.15

Why We Like It:
The bullish trend of higher lows in HL finally pushed the stock past resistance at the $2.40 level. We need to trade cautiously because we should not put too much faith into the last couple of days of trading due to the lack of volume. However, the trend is and has been slowly upward for HL. The stock could be poised for rapid gains now that it has cleared the $2.40 level. We're suggesting a stop loss at $2.15. We have two targets. Our first target is $2.95. Our second target is $3.45.

Annotated chart:

Picked on December 27 at $ 2.48 
Change since picked:     + 0.00   			
Earnings Date          02/19/09 (unconfirmed)    
Average Daily Volume:       6.1 million     

Liberty Global - LBTYA - close: 15.27 change: +0.73 stop: 12.90

Why We Like It:
LBTYA is a relative strength play with the stock breaking out past multiple levels of resistance last week. The rally reversed the stock's P&F pattern into a new buy signal. We don't want to chase Friday's move so the plan is to buy a dip.

We are suggesting readers buy LBTYA in the $14.50-14.00 zone. I expect some support near $14.35. Our target is $17.40. The P&F chart is forecasting a $20 target.

Annotated chart:

Picked on December xx at $xx.xx <-- see TRIGGER  
Change since picked:     + 0.00   			
Earnings Date          02/23/09 (unconfirmed)    
Average Daily Volume:       3.2 million    

MPS Group Inc. - MPS - close: 7.29 change: +0.22 stop: 6.95

Why We Like It:
MPS, a staffing and outsourcing firm, appears to have put in a bottom. Investors are buying the dips and the bought the dip several times at $7.00 the last two weeks. Friday's bounce looks like a low-risk entry point where we can use a tight stop to jump on board. Our first target is $7.95. Our second target is $8.45.

Annotated chart:

Picked on December 27 at $ 7.29 
Change since picked:     + 0.00   			
Earnings Date          02/05/09 (unconfirmed)    
Average Daily Volume:       824 thousand    

Mannatech Inc. - MTEX - close: 2.60 change: +0.12 stop: 2.34

Why We Like It:
The long-term trend in MTEX's chart is down but the last several days have produced a bullish breakout that shares have been able to hold. This looks like an opportunity to hop on an oversold bounce and ride the stock toward resistance. We're suggesting bullish positions now with a stop loss under Friday's low. Our first target is $2.95. Our secondary target is $3.25. Be sure to take some money off the table at our first target since the $3.00 mark and the 50-dma could be tough resistance to crack. I would consider this a higher-risk play because the stock does not have a lot of volume and shares are prone to some big intraday spikes.

Annotated chart:

Picked on December 27 at $ 2.60 
Change since picked:     + 0.00   			
Earnings Date          03/09/09 (unconfirmed)    
Average Daily Volume:        84 thousand    

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