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Semiconductors were quiet on Friday

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Play Editor's Note: We are adding a bunch of new candidates to the newsletter this evening. However, I want to point out the charts in Jim's weekend market wrap. The specific charts that show the huge range for the DJIA and the S&P 500 and we're stuck right in the middle.

If you are feeling the least bit hesitant to jump back into the markets I want to say, "it's okay." You don't have to. More conservative traders should probably NOT open new positions at this time. A better entry point would be on a bounce from the bottom of the range or a breakout through the top of the range if you're bullish, just the opposite if you're bearish.

BULLISH Play Updates

Lam-Research - LRCX - close: 21.04 change: +0.20 stop: 19.95

Friday proved to be a relatively quiet session for LRCX, which mimicked the sideways trading in the SOX semiconductor index. Last week's sell-off from its highs was steep but volume on the decline has been pretty light as well. Our last update suggested waiting for a dip to and a bounce from the $20.00 level as a bullish entry point. LRCX hit $20.51 on Friday afternoon before bouncing back. The rebound was pretty anemic. Readers might want to wait for a new rise over $21.75 or $22.00 before initiating new positions. Our target is $25.85.


Picked on November 06 at $22.00 *triggered     	
Change since picked:     - 0.96	  
Earnings Date          10/22/08 (confirmed)
Average Daily Volume:       4.0 million   

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