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Play Editor's Note: I want to remind readers that we are in a bear market but nothing goes down in a straight line very long. My intermediate bias for stocks is bearish in spite of the seasonal trend for a rebound. I think we're getting close to a market bounce in the next day or two; especially as we near the intraday lows from January 2008. Instead of thinking about launching new shorts (you can if you're going to be in an out in a day) I would rather start thinking about what stocks do we want to buy on a dip. It's going to be tough to sit and watch the market go down short-term because we're going to want to launch new shorts but I do think we're close to a bounce. My expectation is that the bounce will be a multi-day ordeal but will ultimately turn out to be a new entry point for bearish plays. We'll know more after we see how the market reacts to the jobs report on Friday.

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